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Pokemon Go but with Crypto

By Brando_28 | thin ice | 25 Aug 2020

Ok so I came a cross with this weird app that is pretty much what the topic says!

I guess the right word for this is augmented reality and the name is Aircoins.  You have a map which shows the locations of coin(but not what coins they exactly are). Once you are close enough you can use your in-app camera and collect the coin. Then you can read about it and it's purpose. 


Couple of coins I collected so far I have never even heard of but according to Aircons, there is also such as BTC, BNB and Dash.

Their website tells that their exchange partners include Altilly, Coincodex and Eterbase.


If this really kicks off it shouldn't be too hard to sell add space because "it's cool that your product pops up in reality". 

I have been using this just a little while now but I can see some educational potential and perhaps making crypto known to mainstream if you will.

And after all, guess it's the same thing with Pokemon go, make people go outdoors more often and nothing wrong with that! 


So happy hunting! Mayby someday I'll find a whole BTC!





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