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The bot for Facebook Messenger is a program that allows you to automate interactions with a subject. Through a refined work of code it is possible to interact without human presence, in a completely automatic way. With a chatbot A Chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversations. They are also known as digital assistants. Chatbots interpret and process requests ... it is possible to answer questions, then do customer care service, and propose contents and transform the chat into a modern rss feed. This is why the world of content marketing today cannot ignore the importance of these technologies: the big news and information portals have already added the Messenger icon to the home page and allow people to subscribe to the content bot. According to your needs, the program sends the link with the latest news. But this is not the most important step. Or rather, having a chatbot that can answer questions is interesting.


The stimulus of the product or service is not only fueled by the first-person experience, from the moment I see the object on the shelf: at any time I can take my mobile phone, browse the reviews, watch a video to get more information on functions. I can read opinions. create a bot for Facebook - Zero Moment Of Truth Zero Moment Of Truth in action. Think about your last vacation. You are in a place you don't know, you find a restaurant, you like the menu. Then go to Tripadvisor and read the reviews. All positive, it can go. You mark the address and take it into consideration.


One of the most effective and well-known tools. Do you want to create a bot for Facebook? A few steps are enough to obtain an interesting result, perfect for those taking their first steps in this sector. ManyChat can create a Messenger chatbot in 2 minutes, with no need to know any code.

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