Cryptography is a practice whereby current holders of a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, receive free tokens as a reward. In secular terms, it is a giveaway that aims to promote a particular bloc. It also rewards loyal customers in an effort to ensure that they continue to subscribe to a particular blockchain platform.

How does it work

This practice is relatively recent on the crypto market. Consequently, concrete rules on the operation have not yet been defined. Perhaps they are on the verge of development, as the project has gained a lot of popularity. Some encrypted websites display rules, but with most, you should contact the developer for more details.

The team behind a particular event announces a date for the airdrop. Once the set date has materialized, the crew managing the runway takes a snapshot of the blockchain, with the result that the holders of the relevant cryptographic currency receive free e-tokens. Most crypto blockchains, especially those in the start-up phase, prefer to announce an early launch rather than surprise planes, all in an effort to get their projects started.

Why Airdrop?

The main reason for this practice is to create awareness, especially for a new virtual currency. The world of virtual currency relies heavily on "hype". People are constantly on the hunt for the next exciting thing, and as such, free tokens provide an incentive to attract more people to a project. The announcement of an impending aerial scenario creates the necessary buzz both on social media and in the world of virtual currency.

Airdrops also helps projects acquire a valuable database, essential for identifying potential customers. Some air drops require customers to fill out various online forms. For example, Universa.i or airdrop required potential attendees to provide their Facebook list in order to qualify. Customers should always beware of scam sites and make sure to only provide information to official sites. Also, you should never disclose your personal login information to any airdrop organization.

How to get information about Airdrops
Numerous websites and online platforms have been created with the aim of informing users about previous, future and current airstrips. A good example is Icodrops and Airdrop Alerts, both of which also offer useful advice on upcoming airports. Another way to access information about airports is to keep track on the various social media platforms of the projects that interest you and which could be of the type of Reddit and Telegram.

Are there ICOs?

Basically, an ICO airdrop occurs where a company launching the first (initial) coin offering offers some of its coins to those interested in virtual currencies for free as a marketing gimmick. Sometimes, however, it may require participants to perform simple tasks.

The team behind Airdrop
This largely depends on the virtual currency involved. However, there are organizations such as the Blockchain Education Network that organize airdrop events to create awareness and also to introduce new people to digital currencies.


In order to successfully participate in an airdrop, it is essential to have a virtual currency such as BTH or PFUE in your electronic wallet.



It is often said that in the world of product promotion, knowledge marks the beginning of the buyer's journey. According to psychology experts, you're more likely to buy something you've seen or heard of before, than something you're unfamiliar with. It can be said that the air drops have used this concept more than successfully.

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