Unidapp making life easy in the De-Fi space

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De-Fi the place to be

De-Fi or decentralized finance is the hottest topic of discussion and the most happening place to be in the crypto space right now.

From a time when being in crypto and HODLING bitcoins and ethereum was the only thing happening to the present time where one can lend and borrow crypto to earn the entire crypto eco system has come a long way.

The De-Fi space has evolved and a lot many opportunities and products are emerging way beyond the conventional borrowing and lending.

De-Fi can be daunting

The De-Fi space is currently like an erupting volcano spewing opportunities like molten lava.

However do not be fooled by the mad rush there are so many tokens to deal with and so many new projects with new technical jargon that it is not surprising if one gets intimidated.

The ever changing De-Fi space can be difficult to grasp so we need something simpler with all the benefits.

De-Fi can be simple

Well at least that is the idea behind Unidapp.app

A project which believes in Simplicity with reliability so that users can focus on the actual task of trading and investing so UniDapp is designed to provide a simplified interface that connects it to the Uniswap API so that the end users experience is made smooth with the minimal of learning curve
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Unidapp.app and the easy to use interface

This is how the interface looks and feels it is easy to navigate and use.
Yet it is designed to offer a number of features like.

  • order aggregation,
  • liquidity chart,
  • planning of sales and purchases,
  • analytics,
  • scheduled automatic notifications.

All this can be accessed by a simple to follow interface yet it is powerful due to it being integrated to the Uniswap API

User Funds User Control

The private keys of the user remain with the user so all the control stays with the user at all times.

Trustless execution with smart contracts

As all transactions and token exchanges would be carried out via smart contracts so the user can carry out transactions with

unknown users without having to trust him.

Staking the UDP token

The UDP token is the currency of the UniDapp platform so in order to carry out any transaction one would need to own the UDP

The transaction dynamics are such that there would be a 0.25% of the transaction amount would be charged in UDP tokens.
90% of the charged amount goes as reward to the token holders and the remaining 10% goes to the UniDApp fund.
This model enables the token holders to earn passive income.
On the other hand it creates liquidity and over time the price of the token is increased.
To make use of the staking opportunity one may buy the UDP tokens from the OTC sale which can be accessed here

The UDP token economics explained in numbers

The total Supply of the UDP tokens is 30 million.

  • Out of the entire supply 35% or 10.5 million UDP are assigned for the Uniswap liquidity pool.
  • 30% or 9 Million UDP tokens are assigned for the OTC Pre sale
    One can make use of the OTC sale and obtain UDP tokens to become a part of the Unidapp ecosystem.
    So that one can trade or earn a passive staking income.
  • 20% of the UDP are assigned for Exchanges, marketing and the development activity.
  • 15% of the UDP tokens are assigned for the Team

The Unidapp project road map
Going with the spirit of the fast moving De-Fi space where things move fast the Unidapp project is a fast paced project.
It all began in the month of July with the idea formation, research, development of prototype Frontend development.

  • The month of August & September is designated for the UDP private sale and the token distribution.
  • September would see the technical and business documentation and the whitepaper presentation.
  • October is the month designated for launching and testing of the beta version.
  • November is the month marked for launching the full version of the project and this would see the project moving ahead full stream


Unidapp project summary

  • This is a project that plans to ease the learnig curve for the investors by providing a simplfied interface.
  • It does not compromise on features
  • Staking option may become an interesting opportunity to stake and earn the UDP tokens
  • For those interested in this project the current OTC token sale is an opportunity to get in early and avail the early investor benefits

and the staking benefits.

For more information refer the links

website : https://unidapp.app/
OTC Token sale Information : https://unidapp.app/
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/unidapp
Twitter : https://twitter.com/UniDApp
Medium: https://twitter.com/UniDApp
Discord: https://discord.gg/dtRPzTC
Email: [email protected]


Please do your own due diligence and research before making an investment.
The purpose of this post is for education purpose only. It is not financial advice

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