The Blind Men and the Elephant: A typical user experience of the blockchain



Let us start this post with a story

Once there was a kingdom and it so happened that a large elephant entered its gates.
Right at that time 4 blind folded men stood at the gate.
The elephant had a bell around its neck and so when it walked it made a pleasant sound.
Fascinated by the sound of the bell the 4 blindfolded men decided to explore the source of the sound.
These men were blindfolded by the king as a punishment.
Out of curiosity they were attracted towards the sound.
They thought they should investigate and submit the report to the king.
Being blindfolded they could not see but only touch and explore.
The elephant was large and each person could only touch a part of its body.
One person touched its legs and declared it is like the trunk of a tree.
One person touched its trunk and said it is like a giant python.
the third person touched its tusk and said this is pointed and fit to be turned into a sword for the king.
The fourth person touched its ears as they moved and got the impression it was a device to fan air and thought of gifting it to the king.

Why the experience reminds me of the blockchain?

Blockchain is like a giant elephant with so many functionalities and applications and people invariably get to experience a part of it and they form an opinion accordingly.


It is not just about crypto currencies

For some blockchains mean cryptocurrencies however they are unaware of the functionality or the nuances.

Blockchains are a game changer

Blockchains are changing the world but the world needs to embrace them with open arms as a lot of efficiency can be integrated into things by the use of blockchains.

My sport thought for the day

Practice every day and keep moving the bar higher so that you can aim higher and reach further.

We need a method to capture this vastness

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