Spooky Scary Skeletons

By thestorychaser | thestorychaser | 13 Sep 2019

(WP) Spooky Scary Skeletons

                It was Friday the 13th, and we were bored, infected with restlessness due to the full moon.

                It wasn’t quite Halloween, but it was close enough. It was an excuse to swipe alcohol and other illicit substances from our parents and head to the old graveyard just outside of town. It was something of a tradition for the high schoolers in our town to hang out there, and it was nearly midnight.

                As I was the oldest one of us all and the first to get a license, it was my job to pick everyone up. Everyone else was responsible for the rest. We’d been doing this since we were 16, and it was a smooth system. I suspected our parents noticed, but no one ever said anything.

                I pulled up in front of Via’s house first, which was dark, the only light on in the house shining through the top window. It clicked off, and she came out, clothed in black and clutching bulging plastic bags. Her bright white smile cut a line in the cool velvet black, and she put the bags in the backseat.

                She opened the door as smoothly as she could and slid into the front seat, bringing with her the scent of patchouli and sandalwood. “I’m first, so I get shotgun,” She said, winking at me. I laughed, then started the car, eager to get the festivities started. Via turned up the music when we were close to Cat’s house, something with a booming bass that I liked immediately, the hour be damned.

                For Cat’s part, she was ready, jogging down the sidewalk to meet us. She was dressed in a gray peacoat, the tortoiseshell buttons glinting even in the dark. She wore an orange hat, and her eyes sparkled behind her hipster-frame glasses. “Finally! It’s so cold out here, you guys!” She said, managing even in her excitement to sound indignant.

“Come on, Cat, I’ll turn the heat on!” Via cajoled, tapping her fingers against the door. “We gotta go! We still haven’t picked up the other two. It’s almost midnight and I’ve got some plans for us all.”

I blinked, looking over at Via. Her eyes were unfocused, the corners of her mouth turned upward. I didn’t know why, but that look sent chills down my spine.

We picked up our last two friends, Janelle and Morgan, and we headed to the graveyard.

“Wait to see what I found in our attic, you guys. It’s perfect for the occasion!”

I found myself wondering if she had pregamed, if she was already buzzed. But before I could ask her, we were in the parking lot of the graveyard, and my friends were headed to the mausoleum at its center with their spoils.

When I caught up, using my phone’s flashlights to avoid tripping over headstones, they were already seated in a circle around the stone building, and the liquor was flowing freely. Via already had a cup in hand, standing in the middle of the circle, commanding attention. “I found something so cool in an old box the other day. And I figured, what better night than this one to test it?”

She put an old and worn Ouija board in my hands when I sat down. It was so ancient the wood had developed a rich, shining patina veneer, the old-fashioned letters nearly lost to time.

“Have you never seen a horror movie?” Morgan quipped, taking a sip of whiskey and rolling her eyes.

“Jesus, M, way to kill the mood,” Via growled, and Janelle looked between them, her gaze bouncing between them like a tennis ball.

“Where’s the harm?”

Via snatched it back from me, murmuring a quiet incantation under her breath.

For a moment, nothing happened.

Then a loud, earth-shattering creak was heard from behind me; I was sitting in front of the door.

A bony hand crept slowly out to hold the side of the door, still speckled with layers of decayed muscles.


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