Desert Secrets

By thestorychaser | thestorychaser | 6 Aug 2019

(WP) Desert Secrets
                “Who knows if we’re even gonna find anything?” A voice yells out, swallowed by the desert wind. “What’s the point?”

                “Oh, come on, dude. Where’s your sense of adventure?” Another voice joins the first, tinged with laughter. “We’re in Egypt! Home of the ancient pharaohs and the pyramids!”

                “Hurry up, you two, or we’ll lose you!” A woman on a horse speaks from behind them, having to shout over the wind.

                Both the cameraman and the explorer hurry to catch up with their group; to be left behind in this massive sandstorm would be disaster. Shelter had never seemed so far away from Gage, and if his camera got fucked up because of all this sand, he’d be pissed. Meanwhile, Fallon was smiling, her cheeks chapped and flushed from the heat.

                Gage thought she was crazy, but when she’d come to him, begging him to come along, he hadn’t been able to say no. But now, he found himself regretting his decision.

                Their guide, Neith, turns back to the group, her long, dark braid fluttering like a banner in the wind. Her lips are mashed into a thin, tight line, but her dark eyes are sparkling with excitement.

                “You guys have to see this.”


                Gage catches up with the rest of the group, breathing hard, his clothes stuck to his skin, every inch of him coated with sand and grit. Everyone is walking into a gigantic pyramid, and Gage stops, hesitating.

                “Come on, Gage! Nothing’s going to bite you!” Fallon teases, and Gage scoffs. There were plenty of animals in this region that bite, crawl, and slither. But more than anything else, a sense of heaviness bombards him. He wants to say that something felt wrong. Twisted. Evil. But he walks inside despite his misgivings.

                The darkness is cool, a welcome refuge from the heat, and Neith is standing beside one of the walls, one of her hands pointing to a picture etched into the stone. “I’ve never seen this symbol before,” She says, frowning thoughtfully.

                Fallon beckons him forward, her gesture impatient. “We need a record of this, Gage.” She says, her voice hushed, even in the dark. “This—We can make history with this. What does it mean, Neith?”

                Mutely, the other woman shakes her head. “I wish I knew.”

                Gage brings his camera up to the image, and he gasped. A flame, a field, and blood, so much blood, and a woman floating aloft above it, a necklace made of jet glowing around her throat, her hair as bright red as a flame.

                Just what have they stumbled into? All thoughts of spiders and snakes flees his mind, but he is rooted to the floor with another primal fear: the unknown. The text under the image flickers, as if they were standing in front of a warm blaze, and Fallon’s quick intake of breath tells him that she had seen it also.

                “There are only a few documented female rulers of the Egyptian empire,” Neith says thoughtfully, stroking her chin. “Perhaps this was one of them.”

                Gage stares at the image, as poor as it was, even on his expensive camera. Filled with a foreboding he could not understand, he watched Fallon reach for it, something he couldn’t read in her eyes.


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