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The Cost of Not Believing

1 week ago Alexander Niski $7.91 (4,696.8165 HYDRO)

In a recent essay titled “The Case for a Small Allocation to Bitcoin” Wences Casares makes a convincing argument for responsible investestment in the Bitcoin “experiment”. Mr. Casares has not only served on Paypal’s board of directors from January 20...

MakerDao: The Decentralized and Democratic Path to Leveraged Positions

3 weeks ago Alexander Niski $7.37 (4,394.0973 HYDRO)

Humans have been borrowing things from each other for a long time. We’ve spent the majority of our evolution--some 70,000 years--in tribes of 100-200 members, so borrowing most likely took place using the IOU method that we still use today between fa...

The Revolution of the Supply Chain: On TRAC

10 Feb 2019 Alexander Niski $8.46 (5,041.6786 HYDRO)

In true American fashion, the chair I’m sitting on was made in China, my table is from Thailand, and the whiskey on my shelf was imported from Ireland. Most of the stuff around me originated from somewhere else, and if you’re indoors it’s a safe bet...