What’s It Like to Be a Missionary?

By Vytas | There Is Encouragement | 9 Oct 2020

Since I started to read the Bible on my own, I couldn’t but notice certain commands of Jesus. He was asking certain people to completely leave what they were doing and follow Him.

It always amazed me how radical these invitations were. They must’ve cost everything! Back then none of Jesus’ disciples knew what was going to happen after a couple of years.

(Spoiler alert! It was worth it.)

They left everything and Jesus gave them His everything in return.

One day, I also felt Jesus calling me. I said, “yes” and stepped out of the boat of imagined securities into a new way of life.

It was exciting but at the same time daunting. I didn’t go through any course, I had no one else to teach me what should I do to be on a mission full time.

What happened to me?

Only recently I realized that it’s been exactly three years since I became a full-time missionary. It’s been an amazing journey!

I belong to a non-denominational church. Before I left for missions, I attended a traditional church that didn’t really believe in evangelismThat was one of the reasons I left and moved on to a life that Jesus called me to.

I went out to an established ministry for a year and after that God led me to a specific country that is predominantly Muslim.

What’s it like?

It’s not as rosy as some may present it. I was amazed at the different statistics and research explaining that the majority of missionaries don’t meet their own goals and expectations, and that led them to go back home.

I’m constantly aware of the difficulty and certain negative thoughts that can dishearten people. Personally, a missionary lifestyle holds me on a guard for my faith. Living in a Muslim country requires knowing the Gospel to the point where it’s real to my heart.

“Is there persecution?” you may ask.

No, Christians are not persecuted here. Christianity is being seen as another way to one God.

That actually throws me off, because most of the time I expect a hot discussion. I quickly become speechless when a Muslim pats me on the shoulder, acknowledges that “it’s good that you believe in Jesus” and walks off to live as if nothing happened!

I do experience persecution if complete ignorance of the Gospel can be an expression of it.

Being a missionary in a foreign country is a lifestyle of cracking a strange culture in order to represent the real King. It’s complicated but very exciting. From learning a very complicated language to seeing someone crying because the Father is calling them home.

I could tell so many stories about people, places, and events. I carry all of them in my heart (and in my journal).

One of them deeply touched me.

There was a big earthquake. People were staying outside not knowing how big another aftershock could be. Many lost their lives, thousands of families their homes. Small kids were scared because they struggled to understand what was going on.

Our church team was serving coffee and bringing comfort to anyone who would listen to us. When we ran out of coffee, we invited those who wanted to pray together for peace (in the land and in the hearts).

I got the privilege to lead the prayer. I was holding the hand of a small girl on my left and an old lady on my right. I will never forget this moment of light in the midst of brokenness and darkness.


Time after time I’m seeing that I’ve been called to lay down my life for others. When someone is in need I’m reminded that I don’t live for myself. The life that I choose to lead requires self-denial.

Let nothing be done out of strife or conceit, but in humility let each esteem the other better than himself. (Philippians 2:3, MEV)

It’s a life that requires surrender. One can’t love if the main focus is not the person in front of you. It’s freedom and joy to forget your own issues and make someones’ day better. Of course, ultimate joy is to see people surrendering their lives to Jesus.

I probably wouldn’t have made it so far, if I didn’t have strong leaders. The fact that they are also missionaries qualifies them like nobody else to be able to help someone like me. We were able to create a unique culture within the one we came into.

Every Christian can play a part

If you have a friend or a family member fighting for the lost in another country, please, show them support. It means a lot! I’m not necessarily speaking about finances. Prayer, encouraging message, or simple attention in conversation is something we shouldn’t disregard.

By serving someone in the mission field you serve not only the nation where the missionary is in but also the One who still sends His sons and daughters to the people He loves.

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