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What are NFT Sniping Bots and How to Use them?

Photo by Lukas on Unsplash



  • Sniper bots are automated bots that monitor time-based activity and submit information at the very last moment, removing the opportunity for other people to respond to that action
  • This enables you to purchase NFTs at or even below the floor price and this implies that you can resale them for a lot more money
  • Any NFT marketplace is a good spot to use a sniper bot but the majority of their use has been for OpenSea collection auctions
  • Depending on the bot, you can also use it on any blockchain and with any cryptocurrency



  • Auto-sell snipes
  • Verifies the NFT project’s floor pricing, including the fees and contract address
  • Snipe multiple collections at the same time
  • Support for multiple wallets
  • Monitors whale wallet activity
  • Set the floor price alerts



  • It’s simple to set up your own sniping bots
  • All you need to start is a web account with an online service
  • The next step is to locate and set up a sniping bot on your PC
  • You can choose from a variety of applications; some websites demand a monthly subscription, while others ask you to download the software or purchase it online (typically for around $50)
  • It is wise to stay away from websites that demand a monthly fee wherever possible
  • Once the sniping bot program has been installed on your computer all you have to do is enter details about the auctions you’re interested in
  • This often entails entering your maximum bid amount and setting a timer to launch the bidding at a certain time (usually between 5 minutes before an auction ends and 2 minutes after)
  • Even if someone else places a bid on the things you desire, your sniping bot program will automatically outbid them and purchase them for a lesser price






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