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Top 10 Play To Earn Crypto Gaming Guilds

Photo by Adam Nowakowski on Unsplash 1.YGG Yield Guild games


  • Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a DAO that holds a huge number of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are utilized in virtual worlds and blockchain-based games
  • Guild members use these in-game assets to play games and generate revenue
  • The YGG community has self-organized into a succession of smaller guilds and SubDAOs, each focusing on a single game or geographic region


2. Merit circle

  • Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that invests in play-to-earn games and lends to users using the DAO's NFT assets
  • Players can boost their in-game revenue through collaboration, education, and tooling


3. Good Games Guild

  • Good Games Guild is a gaming hub with the goal of sponsoring millions of play-to-earn players, investing in play-to-earn games and their in-game assets, and developing tools to improve the future of gaming and the metaverse


4. AAG

  • Their mission is to use the metaverse economy to bring economic freedom to the entire world


5. Rainmaker Games


  • They're Rainmaker Games, a free global platform where you can play hundreds of P2E games
  • while also connecting with other gamers, games, and guilds around the world
  • They are the gateway to the P2E world, providing everyone with the opportunity to play, earn, learn, and connect in ways never seen before


6. Meta Brands


  • With the MAGE utility token and MAGE Relic NFTs, MetaBrands provides a simple Gateway that connects portals to different realms within the Metaverse
  • Owners of these tokens are awarded special privileges and access to a variety of bonuses, perks, and opportunities simply by owning them


7. GuildFi

  • GuildFi wants to build an integrated ecosystem of games, NFTs, and communities
  • In order to optimize player benefits and enable metaverse interoperability
  • Discover great games, apply for guild scholarships, use gaming tools, and get extra rewards based on your metaverse participant



  • To deploy the greatest number of academics using controlled NFTs and distribute them through our NFT gaming platform



  • A solid operating system (OS) foundation is required in today's diversified computing environments to ensure business continuity and scalability
  • The Open Group's open standard, UNIX®, is a key enabler of key technologies, delivering lower total cost of ownership, enhanced IT agility, stability, and interoperability in heterogeneous contexts
  • enabling global business and market innovation
  • This operating system has a fascinating history while also demonstrating a strong present market momentum


10. Liberty Gaming Guild


  • In the area of 'play to earn' gaming, the Liberty Gaming Guild is a ground-breaking project and community
  • The guild will serve as a 'portal' for gamers to acquire access to otherwise pricey and inaccessible NFTs in blockchain gaming, as well as a learning and growth environment for them in the new era


11.Cerebral Gaming

  • All platform activities and amenities, including voting, transaction fees, gas fees, staking, and earning incentives, are paid for using the $Harmony ONE token.




  • Blockchain gaming, notably "Play2Earn" gaming, has a lot of promise in their opinion
  • Nexxt Gaming Guild is a one-stop shop for anything Play2Earn-related
  • "Free to Learn, Play to Earn" is their motto, and they live up to it


13.Astra Guild Ventures

  • One of the world's largest play-to-earn gaming guilds
  • A dao that connects players and investors in order to capture the success of nft games


14.Loot Squad

Loot Squad is a group of blockchain gamers that want to use NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Play2Earn sector to improve everyone's gaming experience

Loot Squad is a group of blockchain gamers that want to use NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Play2Earn sector to improve everyone’s gaming experience



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