Solderland Bunnies @ Magic Eden

Play to Earn (P2E) NFT Games for Noobs #1 —Solderland Mines

Solderland Bunnies @ Magic Eden



    A brief on what the game is

  • The main theme and P2E model for this game on launch is Passive Stake to Earn
  • Their storyline is the Bunny NFT PFPs you own will be sent into mines to mine precious token rewards
  • The miners work hard to get you in-game tokens as well as Solana rewards and might even mine some special bonus items
  • NFT Holders who complete missions on the map and stake their bunnies into mines will receive rewards
  • However, with the move to version 2 of the game, users are now able to take even participate in an active P2E approach to earn more rewards
  • This active approach starts with the Clan Wars, where tribes of bunnies will fight with other tribes for a 100 SOL reward prize


   What and how can you earn?

  1. Solderland mystery boxes > Can be earned by staking your bunnies

      2. Solderland tokens > by sending bunnies to mine at the passive mines

  • the SLDR token is the most important token of the game. Users will gain SLDR Tokens by playing our game and will spend them by In-game purchasing. Thanks to several places like the Marketplace on the Solderland map where users can spend their tokens, SLDR will never become an ordinary token that is only earned to be converted to money


   Tips on how best to mine on Solderland

  • Mine efficiency increases with the increase in the number of participants in that mine. The higher the efficiency, the more rewards are extracted
  • On Discord, you can persuade the community to enter a mine
  • Every one of the mines in Solderland has a limited capacity. Example: 320 bunnies
  • You can have a limitless number of Bunnies in your wallet, but you cannot assign more than 10 of them to ONE mine
  • Each mine has a certain working capacity. This capacity is calculated by taking a 7-day weighted average
  • If the specified capacity is not reached, all the loot in the mines cannot be extracted
  • On the other hand, if a mine has Bunnies above its capacity, this time rewards per person in the mine will decrease
  • Mine loot is directly linked to Solderland Power
  • The user with high Solderland Power will get a larger share of the loot found in the mine
  • NFT RARITY IS VERY IMPORTANT to increase Solderland Power and reward returns
  • The rarer bunnies hold a higher amount of solder land power
  • MINES CLOSER TO THE EDGE OF THE MAP ON ALL ISLANDS HAVE THE POTENTIAL FOR HIGHER REWARDS. It also helps uncover mysterious parts of the map (not sure if this is still released)
  • 10 very valuable NFTs are hidden in the far corners of the map in the green sea (unsure if this is V1 or V2 but I check it sometimes just to be sure)
  • Earn 1000 Solderland Tokens and 10 Magic Carrots to craft 3D Bunnies (TBA on release)
  • 3D Bunnies are the key to the Metaverse universe (TBA on release)


   How your Solderland Power is calculated

  1. Amount of staked NFTs
  2. NFT rarity
  3. Staking period > The third variable of the Solderland Power calculations is the time users stay in the system. Users who are loyal to the system and lock their NFTs will be given a 1% increase over their total Solderland Power at the end of every 24 hours


   How your Mining reward is calculated

  1. Finding user pool > Each user’s Solderland power is divided by the sum of the Solderland Power on a mine to find the user’s pool weight on the mission on the mine

         ( total registered solder land power divided by user’s solder land power )

     2. Calculation of my rewards

     3. Calculation of user reward


   Special Mines/venues you should know about

     Oracle Bunny

  • He has all the information about Solderland and can give you information that will give you a big advantage

     Boss Wars

  • Be careful with your Bunnies, mysterious creatures may appear in some areas. 🐺
  • If you are united, you can get valuable loot

     Exploration Towers

  • Bunnie owners who contribute to the discovery of new regions will gain rights to access more valuable loot
  • The community must fund the Exploration Towers and pay the required amount of Solderland Token which will then enable Bunnies to carry out research
  • Users who assign Bunnies to the Watchtower mission will get the clan leader badge
  • Those who want to join the clan created will be able to get a clan member badge by contributing 100 Solderland tokens


  • The Marketplace, where you can buy items that will help you on your journey with your Solderland Tokens, will soon be in Solderland Mines

Clan Wars

  • Owners of the bunnies which gained the right to form clans can create their clans and will be able to invite their friends to join them
  • Clan Wars will take place in seasons
  • The very first season of the Clan Wars will be 4 weeks long
  • For 4 weeks, users will participate in Clan Wars to win points for their own clans
  • At the end of the season, clans with higher points will receive rewards
  • The first season of the Clan Wars is named Demo season
  • There will be 2 different types of wars in the first season of the Clan Wars
  1. Arena Wars — Capture the Flag
  2. Loot and Defense
  • Clan forming can only be made by people with clan leader badges. To earn this badge, THE CLAN LEADER SHOULD assign 1 Bunny to the watch tower mission
  • If you haven’t received a clan member badge yet, don’t worry. Watchtower has now been improved to distribute clan leader and clan member badges every 8 hours
  • By assigning a Bunny to the Watchtower, you can earn a clan leader badge
  • Clan members can clan member badge to join clans
  • If you do not donate 100 $SLDR to the Watchtower, you cannot join clans/clan wars. You have to earn the Clan Member Badge



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