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Learn to Earn Crypto


A learned investor makes better investment decisions than a rash and unlearned one.

These programs pay you in crypto to take that learning curve before you take the nosedive. Ain’t that a godsend? These programs do have ulterior motives of course, but let’s be optimistic shan’t we?

  1. Coinbase Learn


  • Coinbase, one of the world’s top crypto exchanges, has a fantastic learn-to-earn crypto program to earn that free crypto
  • To participate, create a Coinbase account, watch videos, answer quiz questions and earn from the programs you learn about in the form of airdrops or free NFTs


2. Binance Learn and Earn


  • Binance, as the world’s largest crypto exchange, has a fantastic learn and earn crypto program
  • Only new Binance users who sign up and verify their account within three days are eligible for the Binance to learn and earn program


3. CoinMarketCap Earn


  • CoinMarketCap isn’t a cryptocurrency exchange, but it is the most popular website for tracking cryptocurrency prices
  • Millions of users visit the website daily in search of those shiny new obscure currencies and tokens to see how they’re performing in the market
  • They collaborate with a number of emerging cryptocurrency protocols to raise awareness for those brands while distributing their tokens as rewards for those participating in learning about these protocols & tokens


4. Missions


  • features “Missions” that allows users to earn “Diamonds” while taking short courses and reading their blog articles
  • Diamonds can be redeemed for “Mystery Boxes”, which unpacks to reward you with a “mystery” number of’s native tokens, $CRO
  • Other rewards, including football fan merch, have recently been added to the redemption center
  • The “Missions” are not restricted to learning only though
  • Users can also earn “Diamonds” by trading $20 to $500 worth of crypto on the platform
  • Missions reset every 24 hours (except the learning ones), allowing you to continue earning Diamonds simply by staying active on the platform


5. Phemex


  • The Phemex Learn and Earn program is an excellent opportunity for novices to learn the crypto world and get paid for their time
  • Watch short videos to learn about basic crypto ideas and exchange functions
  • Complete quick quizzes to put your newfound knowledge to the test
  • For each question you complete, you will be rewarded in cryptocurrency or trade incentives


6. Kucoin Rewards Hub


  • Kucoin, a well-known decentralized exchange, is behind this program
  • This program comes with a cache. You’ll be timed with a countdown to complete all of the modules
  • There is also a minimum required amount you need to reach before you can withdraw


7. Earnathon


  • Earnathon is a dedicated ecosystem that drives GameFi and crypto gaming education
  • It gives you the tools needed to take full advantage of the play-to-earn environment
  • As a result, you earn while learning about the GameFi system and putting it to the test
  • Earnathon rewards tokens users may use in real-world transactions




  • EarnCrypto is a popular cryptocurrency learn-to-earn website where you can earn tokens by performing simple tasks
  • Courses are focused on the ins and outs of crypto trading, after which you can complete easy activities and receive crypto in exchange


9. Cake DeFi Learn and Earn


  • You can earn a variety of cryptocurrencies by completing modules
  • The program is open to anybody whether or not they are a Cake DeFi customer
  • However, your rewards will have to be stored in the freezer for a minimum of one month
  • After this “freezing” period, you can defrost the prize, access it, and use it on any of Cake DeFi’s goods


10. RabbitHole


  • This platform gamifies and curates educational experiences to be more rewarding
  • You get to engage in real-world activities related to real-world crypto projects while learning and earning in the process
  • You’ll need a Web3 wallet (MetaMask or WalletConnect) to start using RabbitHole, so go get one if you haven’t already gotten one


11. Meland


  • Meland is the first decentralized Learn-to-Earn platform on the Polygon blockchain, where gamers may challenge questions, design quizzes, construct, own, and monetize their gaming experience
  • $MELD will be the native token on BSC
  • Play-to-Earn
    *Create high-value games/works, and open the door for people to explore your inner world
    *Participate in official missions



None of these articles constitute financial advice. Articles are highly summarised to make it easy for the reader and save your time, so please DYOR further before putting your hard-earned money into any product mentioned.
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