What's New at Midas Investments

By Theincomebeast | Theincomebeast | 28 Apr 2022

The question everyone has been asking is; What is new over at Midas investments? 

Several updates are going on over at Midas right now. Let’s start off with the bad news there are a few rate cuts going on. Nobody likes to hear about rates being cut but the silver lining is that Midas remains the leader in providing the highest rates withe the lowest exposure to risk. 


Photo Credit: Midas.investments.com

This was a necessary step to allow Midas to grow and be able to handle up to 1 billion assets under management (AUM). Currently AUM is hovering around 350 million. The new rates look like this: BTC is at 9.4% APY, ETH is sitting at 10.1% APY, and Midas is still offering a juicy18.1% APY on stablecoins. The Midas boost is still available and will provide for an additional 3% to 4% APY on top of the new rates. 

If you have not signed up with Midas I recommend doing it soon. You can sign up with my referral code and I would really appreciate the support. Midas has just implemented Know Your Customer (KYC) which nobody is a fan of but it is a necessity for licensing and regulation. 

So, if you have idle crypto sitting on another exchange like Next and Celsius and are fed up with the massive rate cuts they have been making it might be time to start moving assets over to Midas.

My recommendations for starting out with Midas is first use my referral code. Use a gmail.com email address to sign up. There is an option to use a discord log in but a separate gmail.com address is better. Then set up a secondary email to receive your 2FA code. There are also things like yubikeys and other methods to secure your account. I also recommend starting off with a trial deposit to make sure all your addresses are correct and you are sending on the right network etc. 

Midas has a super active and helpful discord available as well, you can always join and ask questions there as well. On a final note about the referral code, if you do not use the referral code to sign up you can not go back and add it later. You would have to create yet another account. 

As always thank for taking the time to read. 

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