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By Theincomebeast | Theincomebeast | 5 Apr 2022

Midas Investments

Some of you have heard about Midas Investments, some have not, and then there are those out there that think Midas is a scam. I will admit there are plenty of scams in the deli space but this is not one of them. Some people have heard of Midas but for one reason or another have not bothered to explore it too deeply. This article is for those who have not heard of Midas. 

What Is Midas?

Back in 2018 Midas Investments was created as a platform that was focused on bringing high yields to investors, or anyone who wanted to hold on to some crypto and earn a return at a rate many times higher than would be possible at a traditional financial institution or another crypto site. Initially Midas was focused on gaining yields from Master Nodes. They have since shifted their strategy and it would be unfair to describe the way they generate high yields but I am going to give it a shot. 

There are currently over 60 different strategies used by Midas to generate yields for investors. These strategies involve providing liquidity but these are varied and can change weekly, or every couple of weeks. Currently there is a team dedicated to creating algorithms which are back tested to ensure maximum returns with minimal risks. 

The Easiest Platform to Use

I have looked at so many different crypto staking sites, liquidity pools, and lending protocols. Most of them require a bit of knowledge and experience that many people do not have. We all want an easy to use platform with clear instructions and a way to clearly understand the returns we are getting. I can look at my dashboard and easily understand how much I am earning on each asset. I don't have to figure out any complicated percentages and try to understand what my gains are by converting coins. 

That being said the easiest thing is that if I deposit Bitcoin I get paid in Bitcoin. If I deposit Etherium I get paid in Etherium. All coins invested are paid in kind with the exception of the YAPs. There is also a feature called "MIDAS Boost" where if you elect to receive your interest in the MIDAS coin you can earn at a higher rate. This is not mandatory however many of the users are opting for this bonus especially since as of April 4 we are quickly approaching an new all time high on the MIDAS coin. 

So the thing that makes MIDAS so easy to use is that on the platform all you have to do is click invest and then deposit to copy your address and send the coins to MIDAS. exactly 24 hrs after your coins have been deposited you will see your interest in your account. That's really it. You just have to make sure you are sending Bitcoin to your Bitcoin card (wallet). 

There is also a very active Discord server which has a great community of folks who are always willing to answer questions. So my question to you is what are you waiting for? Every day that goes by is lost interest. If you are interested in signing up I would appreciate you using my referral code. By using my code you do not lose a single satoshi in your earnings. I get a small bonus based off of your earnings but it DOES NOT reduce your earnings at all. 

Referral Program

Just to be completely transparent I would get a 5% bonus based on your earnings. If you in turn get people signed up with the site you would get a bonus based in their earnings. This is not a multi tiered system and there is no cash boost like many other platforms. The incentive is small, probably so that people do not just sign up and claim the bonus then leave the platform. You also probably will not see much advertising or marketing since the platform is really just growing organically. No influencers, no famous spokespeople, just friends referring friends who want to see everyone have access to these returns. 

Thanks for reading and one last time, here is the referral code. https://midas.investments?p=0206


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