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MIDAS Boost Takes Off!

By Theincomebeast | Theincomebeast | 1 Apr 2022


Blast Off!


First of all if you have not signed up with Midas I highly encourage you to do so here.

A very new and exciting feature on Midas is called the “Midas Boost”, the new feature created to boost your passive income. Currently the boost is available on every coin in your Midas portfolio. (Excluding the Midas coin of course) 

If you examine your share cards, you will see just how easy it is  to boost your standard APY. The boosted rewards are given by receiving payouts directly in the Midas token. Users choosing to utilize the Midas boost will receive the full value of their payout directly to their Midas token share card. These payouts occur at exactly the same time as they would have received payout in the other coins.  


Boosted Rewards


The boosted rewards are converted into tokens on the Midas price at the time of reward payout. 

Investors can enable/disable the Boost feature anytime, with the click of a toggle button on the share card. You can even change your mind several times a day and can even change your allocation up to a minute before your payout would occur. 

What does a boosted APY look like?

BUSD pays 20% if you elect to get paid in BUSD.

Regular APY

Regular APY with Boost feature turned off.*

Boosted BUSD earns 24.4% (20% + 4.4%= 24.4%) with payouts in the Midas token. 


APY With Boost On

Increased APY with Boost feature turned on.*


The boosted APY amounts are different for each coin and all any user needs to do is just open the card for whatever asset they hold and the information will be very clear. 

One thing I wanted to add before I close is some of you might be wondering if it is possible to get paid in Midas Coins then swap right back to the native coin. The answer is yes, right now you can do that and you will most likely come out ahead. But, the CEO did mention that if too many people eded up doing that they may institute a vesting period. Personally I am stacking my Midas as high as I can and the coin has been doing really well lately. Many people still feel Midas as a very undervalued coin and are expecting to see a steady rise in its value. 

I wanted to make this a very simple guide to the boost feature and there are other more complex details as to where the extra Midas comes from and whatnot but I chose not to get too complex and keep this short.

Thanks for reading and if you want to sign up for Midas I would appreciate it if you used my referral link.


Thumbnail credit:Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

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