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By airdrop.collector | The Good Quote | 12 Aug 2020

🌕 TRANSPARENT RELATIONSHIPS: This is something that I wrote a while ago, based upon my current relationship.

For a long time, I struggled with being an open vessel; I had mastered ‘talking a lot ’ without saying much at all. People were never let in. No-one really knew me beyond a few objective facts (name; location; career(s); immediate family; the car I drive, minor hobbies, culture etc.). In intimate relationships? I remained enigmatic - never giving myself away too soon, or at all.

For the most part? This worked - for me. For the other person, they would usually end up not knowing where they stood. I slowly started learning to stand in my truth, and with this, finding power in my own vulnerability. I’ve allowed myself to be ‘free’, and for the first time: really allow someone to know my soul. Beauty. Flaws. Dreams. Traumas. Triggers. Future. It has been liberating to say the least.

Practice loving yourself and accepting all that has brought you here, to this version of you. When you’re ready? Be fearless in sharing your truth—and light—with others.


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