Why HODL strategy is the way

By TheExcitable1 | TheExcitable1 | 20 Apr 2021

Investing in Crypto can be super hectic but it seems lately the entire market has become very bipolar switching very quickly between bearish sentiment and Bullish sentiment. I am here to offer some advice based on my own personal expierence with $ETH. I bought my very first token of ETH at $300 and I've managed to HODL it only because of my collectors mentality and not falling victim to the constant sea of people saying it was gonna die because of high gas fees or claims of Crypto being in a huge bubble. I refused to give up my token, and only traded ETH from other exchanges and so far I've found that the best way to earn an actual decent return is to fire and forget your investments in a spot wallet because the allure of cashing out during a dip is too enticing when you are actively trading and see these large spikes/pump and dumps but when you HODL and collect coins/tokens you are immune to the psychology because once you have your blue eyes white dragon card or your super rare Mew Two the first thing you tell yourself is I will never trade this and that your card has found a forever home. The same things apply to any crypto with actually utility and the best thing you can do is giving your tokens time to appreciate in value! Remember there is a max supply on a lot of these cryptos so as time passes the scarcity of them is increased even further and when you HODL there's no regret for selling too soon or too late. You sell when you decide you'd rather have a new car or a new house than that token(s) ETH is sitting at around $2000-$2100 and I've been tempted to cash in so many times especially at $2500 but I look at BTC and I remind myself that one token is a powerful thing and the people who've seen the most success are the ones who treat their tokens like a collectors item.

 So next time you wanna sell just ask yourself what's going to be worth more in the future that token or whatever you are planning to buy with the proceeds, if you just HODL like I did there will be car speakers, computer parts, and other tempting purchases you will miss out on along the way but so far I've made enough to buy each of those items twice if I wanted while in contrast if I had bought them their value would be decreasing with use over time and each time a new ATH is reached I would've been filled with regret all because I didn't HODL

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