Fair Crypto Manifesto: The Ordinal Launch of Offensive Wampires / DBXEN

Guiding Principle: Establish a protocol for crypto minting that is decentralized, transparent, and equitable.

  1. Foundational Integrity

    • The creation team holds no undue advantage over the ordinal distribution.
    • We reject the notions of:
      • pre-mines,
      • treasury allocations,
      • private or public sales.
    • We envision a community-driven collection that resists central interference.
  2. Minting Process

    • Duration: 6,880 minutes, partitioned into 688 cycles, each lasting 10 minutes.
    • All minters achieve full ownership of their Ordinal.
    • Token supply: Time-bound, not quantity-bound.
    • The entire token supply (100%) is allocated to the Minters.
  3. Wampire Attributes: SuckPower

    • Every Wampire ordinal possesses unique SuckPower, ranging between 1,000 and 10,000.
    • Categories:
      • Rare SuckPower: Ranges from 1,001 to 10,000. Each power is unique. Thus, only 9,000 such Wampires exist.
      • Classic SuckPower: Constant power of 1,000. Their supply isn't quantity-capped.
    • The strength of the SuckPower descends sequentially as each Rare Wampire is minted.
  4. Cost Dynamics

    • Initial cycle cost: 0.019 BTC.
    • With each cycle, the fee drops by 0.1%. By the 688th cycle, it will be approximately 0.0095 BTC.
  5. Rarity Gradient

    • Scarcity decreases over cycles.
    • Initial cycle offers a 90% chance to mint a Rare SuckPower Wampire. This likelihood drops by 0.1598% per cycle, settling at roughly 30% by the 688th cycle.
  6. Unpredictability and Uniqueness

    • Each Wampire is spontaneously crafted upon minting.
    • Trait combinations surpass the number of seconds since the Universe's dawn.
  7. Revelation Mechanism

    • Minted Ordinals are disclosed post-mint, ensuring that no third-party or malicious entity duplicates trait combinations mid-mint.
    • Post-mint, visit https://wampires.club/rarity/ for a complete view of your Wampire's SuckPower and associated artwork.



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