Howlerz NFT Mint Story

By akshayincharge | thecryptoinsight | 26 Feb 2022

I have been watching the NFT space recently and actively participating in various communities for whitelists and what not.

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I have heard about the Howlerz NFT in a Telegram group I follow actively for some alpha on the day of the mint.

I checked the Twitter of Howlerz NFT and the bio was like this:

a big bad cc0 pfp project | no whitelist, no roadmap, you own the art

So all the recent NFT projects are collaborating with influencers and other projects to improve their visibility. Making people to do some tasks, grinding, levelling up in Discord, promising some things on roadmap etc.

And here comes this Howlerz NFT without any website, discord, whitelist or roadmap. It was a stealth mint which means, they just provide the link for the contract and people have to mint directly from the contract.

There were 40 tweets in this Twitter profile and there were some art posted already. I completely like the art and wanted to mint an NFT. This is how the art looked like.

I got to know about the project only on the mint date which is on February 25, 2022. The mint date was actually on Feb 24 but was postponed to Feb 25 due to the Ukrainian war.

Now there was this tweet 

So as I decided to mint, I was waiting for them to post the contract link. I know it is like fastest fingers first because the Twitter handle had 32k followers at that time. I know many people will be stuck infront of their computer to mint these.

While I was waiting something was going on in the background. Someone has created a fake HOWLERZ contract and deployed it on Etherscan. People were minting these like crazy. The fake contract managed to collect nearly 250 ETH which was worth $687,072. I mean why bro? The fake NFTs were priced at 0.13 ETH. About 1900 of these fake NFTs were minted. These people are so rugged.

Howlerz fake contract

Now comes the tweet with the original contract address to mint the HOWLERZ NFT.

I saw this tweet and rushed to mint through contract. I was figuring out which function to call to mint the NFTs, and in less than a minute all NFTs were sold out. I wasn't able to get one. 

Most of the people minted 3 NFTs and paid a decent gas fee of 0.02 to 0.12 ETH to mint three NFTs. The mint price of each Howlerz NFT was 0.13 ETH.

I was late and now I tried to get them atleast on the secondary market. There was so much buying and none of them were selling below 1 ETH. So that was almost 769% return in minutes of minting.

Howlerz NFT floor price

If we count the amount with gas fees, it was about 500% ROI in minutes. I am amazed to see crypto and NFT space create so many opportunities which are life changing.

Here is the Opensea link:

I was checking the secondary sales and there was huge demand and as you can see, just in less than a day the trade volume was 3.4k ETH. Anyway I backed of as I cannot afford one at 1 ETH.

I took some time to digest all this and how I missed an opportunity to make money pass infront of my eyes just like many other NFT projects like Hapebeast, Invisible Friends and Karafuru NFTs.

I hope there is lot to learn and experience. There are always more opportunities coming in the space and I hope WAGMI.

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