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By Harshvardhan | theCryptoHub | 20 Nov 2020

What is YUP?

Yup is a layer of social capital on the internet, that pays users for their opinion. More valuable your opinion is, more it will worth.


Why Join the YUP?

Your opinion matters, for the better internet and for the better world of social engagement. And it is rewarding experience!


✔ Get paid for your opinion
✔ Rate in multiple categories: like, smart, funny...
✔ See the social value of everything on the internet
✔ Follow your friends
✔ And much more!


How It Works?

✔ Signup with your Twitter account or an email.


✔ Rate anything.


✔ Get rewarded in YUP Tokens.



What Can You Rate?

ANYTHING. Rating content is as easy as one or two clicks.

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YUP Token

When you rate some content, all of the ratings are recorded on chain and based on worth of your ratings, you are rewarded with YUP tokens daily.

YUP rewards are based on how often other people rate similarly to you and what your influence is, which is determined by your activity, YUP holdings and social level.

YUP is built on EOS and recently bridged to ETH.

My social level and influence level is 99 out of 100. That is because of my activity, ratings and YUP holdings.



Current price of YUP is around $2.7.  






With extraordinary community and support by developers and officials, you will experience no discomfort. Join community on Discord and follow YUP on twitter.

YUP on Twitter: https://twitter.com/yup_io




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