Red days: brings back memories 😔

By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 11 Jan 2022

Well I did enter cryptosphere in December 2017. Just in time to have some fun days before it all went south!
Day after day I had hopes that the market would turn green again. We had some some bounces but most coins kept on sliding away.
In the mean time I just kept on buying with fiat, trying to cost average. Something which I did not regret in 2021.

But although there seems to be a lot of similarities between 2018 and now, there is a big difference. All my fiat money ever invested is back in my bank account and I sill have a portfolio.
Besides that I do have some passive crypto income, which means that my portfolio will grow overtime. Slowly but growing. So there are no plan to re-invest fiat money again into crypto. At least not at the moment.

I will just continue business as usual. Sit back and relax while assuming that in 2024/2025 the market will break records again.
While the business continues there is no use in looking at the fiat value of my portfolio, I will focus on growing it as much as I can!


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