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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto

Introducing new gambling dapp:

This week did open their doors. This is a spin off of trontopia, which was a Tron based gambling dapp.

a7393532f2b1f670efd7761e32fe518e2c6421671861815aea48887a9dcc1011.png is the New Generation online Cryptocurrency Casino entering the market of all Crypto enthusiasts and Casino gamblers alike. Casino is offering a wide range of games for Cryptocurrency owners, users, players or gamblers from around the Globe. 

While most online crypto casinos, do start at a specific blockchain and start with only supporting one crypto coin, betgalaxy did do it differently.

Supported Cryptos


The only crypto not on this page is Topia, which is also supported. Deposit can be made via Tronlink, Metamask or just to the assigned address.
I did try it out with some Topia I had lying around and had no issues with a deposit or withdrawal.


Unique features

VIP Rank system

Like more casinos, Betgalaxy also does offer a VIP rank system. The more you wager, the more benefits you will get. 
Whenever a player reaches a new level, they will receive a one-time reward, the highest tier receives $62,500. Moreover, every new Rank comes with increased prizes, such as better cashback deals, additional bonuses for referrals, Galaxy Boost, and more. This interactive VIP scheme is bound to add another layer of immersion to the platform.

Instant Cash back

Once you are registered you are immediately entitled to a cash back. The Cash Back does start at 5% and can increase up to a whopping 15%. 


Normally a casino doesn't want to give you feedback about your winnings or losses, this could demotivate people to continue wagering. But at they are very transparent about this.


GalaxyBoost Feature

GalaxyBoost is a special and unique feature that has the potential to provide a passive income to its participants. Simply put, based on the entire amount of the previous week’s wagers, the platform will give weekly bonuses to those users who are a part of GalaxyBoost. In total 11% of the House edge is awarded to GalaxyBoost participants.


I did try it out and have to admit that I do like it. The site has a nice layout and also works perfectly on IOS.
Feel free to try it out and let me know what you think:






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