Crypto Portfolio Update May 2021: FORTH did save the month!

Another month has written to the record books. In cryptosphere it is more or less a bloody month, with almost all tokens loosing a big share of their profit compared to the beginning of the year. But most are still in the green since 1-1-21 and that is something we have to keep in mind.

May 2021 was also a month with lots of movements in my portfolio with some newcomers, trading most of my USDT against BTC and of course Hive!


The overall value of my crypto portfolio did go south with a little but more than 30%. So it wasn't a real nice month. But if I do compare with the beginning of the year, it still more than doubled so I can life with that. But I do hope than June won't be the same as May.

I only returned a small amount of crypto into the real world again. I do expect that in June will flow back into Fiat, but in Crypto you never know!

I like to see the orange line as close to 0 as possible and of course grey above 0. I do know and understand that as long as cryptos aren't converted back into fiat it is only a virtual loss or profit.

BTC still has the biggest share of my portfolio and is increasing its lead. The bronze medal goes to a newcomer FORTH. But more about that later on!

Let's dive a little bit deeper is the most important changes in my portfolio.


I still do believe in BTC and did increase my holdings with 20%. The biggest part does come from trading 20 FORTH for BTC. I am now very close to my goal which is to have 0.1 BTC in my wallet!


I did write in the past month that I giving more attention to the Hive blockchain and what is better prove than to invest in it. So in the past month I did buy 500 HIVE in the market and did power this up. Not that I am seeing an immediate effect, but this is a long term investment.
Also in this portfolio update, the value of the Hie tokens isn't counted. I will write a separate post about this later on this week.
My HIVE holding did increase with 30%.

FORTH: a magical airdrop!

Believe it or not, but in feb of this year 1 AMPL was withdraw to my metasmask. And this was enough to get 92 FORTH during their airdrop! How crazy is that. This really did make my day.
For the moment I did sell 20 FORTH for BTC and am planning to sell another 60 this month, but first I do need to have a plan what to do with it.
I am planning to leave 12 FORTH on metamask, you never know.


Will I did decrease my holding in ETH. When it was close to alltime high I decided a small part taking some profit. The idea was to convert this into Fiat, but it was back invested into mostly KCS.
My holdings did decrease with 33%.


Will I still do believe in KCS. After selling 87 KCS in April, I did buy back 45 KCS in May. Luckily for half the price I did sell them. Regardless of my buy back action, the value of KCS in my portfolio did decrease a lot.


Will I do buy some FUN also. I did need some FUN to test out the premium membership of
In total over 14K fun was purchased. Time will tell is this was a good decision or not. But as crypto gambler I don't believe that it is a misfit in my portfolio.


No idea what June will bring us. I do hope that I can reach my BTC goal and start building up some ETH again. But the main focus is trying to decrease my overall FIAT investment again.
Also do need to figure out what I am going to do with FORTH. I will keep 12 at Metatask and the remaining 60 will probably be sold or converted into another crypto!


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