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By TheCryptoGambler | TheCryptoGambler | 22 Apr 2021

I seems like ages ago that I did write an update on my sports betting adventure. And I guess it has been. Well I did decrease my overall activity a lot in lots of things. Blogging is one of them but also in sports betting. I am trying to set up a routine in which I do bet on max 2 to 3 games per day, but often it is only one. I am trying to find more quality bets in stead of going for the quantity. I do know and understand that both are necessary to be able to make a living of it or at least to make a decent profit. But believe it or not, I never started with sports betting to become a pro or to give myself some extra comfort in life!

I did start because I do see it as a challenge to be part of the winning sports bettors circle, which is much smaller than people think. Estimations are that not more than 5% of the sports bettor do make a long term profit! The sight of the crowd is often blurred by fake reports, only reporting the winning and never or only sometimes the big losses. And of course add to this winning and loosing streaks, which all tipsters do have. It is not uncommon to lose a big number of bets back 2 back, luckily there is also the opposite site when you are running hot!

This is where Copytip among others does equalize the playing field a little bit. When gambling there, there is no way to hide losses of long loosing streaks. Everything is recorded and published! There are of course to bury some losses but those all could be dig up pretty easily by the community!

This is why at the moment Copytip is my preferred gambling dapp! On top of that it has better odds than you local bookmaker!


I did start my journey at Copytip in the beginning of the year and did publish 2 strategies. One for the Belgian Jupiler Pro League and the other for all other competitions, which is called the Football Money Maker. Hey it is all in the name isn't?

In general I do use a flat staking principle in both strategies, which is 6 euro. This 6 euro had nothing to do with my bankroll but with the minimum bet on Copytip. Sometimes I do increase my stake for a particular bet but this rarely happens and like always these most of the times turn out to be loosing bets. Sigh.

So when you do want to place a tip/bet, you will have to assign it to a strategy otherwise the bet will not be placed. One can have max 2 active strategies. And this is where some tipsters do try to bury their losses. They do de-active the strategy and create another one, to have better stats. But if you do click on the tipsters you do see his overall betting record based on all active and in-active strategies and only you can have a look at their inactive strategies. See, I told you it was easy to dig up their sneaky behavior! But keep in mind that de-activate a strategy isn't always done in an attempt to hide stuff. They could have a monthly or season based strategy!

If you are doing good enough with a strategy you could be lucky to score some followers. These followers do follow your tip blindly, until the bet has been placed they have no idea when and on what you are betting. They could set up some parameters how they want to follow your strategy with matching you bet, using their own flat stake betting and so on. As a return for a winning bet, you could get a fix percentage of their winnings, if you won enough money for them already. I will explain this later on in this article.

First let have some insight in my overall statistics!



As you can see I am in the black or green whatever you prefer. With other words I did made a profit since the start of the year! There are some things I am pretty satisfied with like the win rate of 51.4% (which should be a little bit higher), of course the profit made of 42.04 euro but surely the average odds of 1.951 (European style). 

You also can see an example of running hot and cold. In March I was running very cold with only a win rate of 33% and a yield of -9.02%. One can say that February was also a bad moths, but this was an example of increasing the stakes to win back some money, which was heavily denied by lady Fortuna (I still stand behind that bet)! Would place it again without a doubt.

At a point in the cold streak in March I decided to put my betting on a pause, so that I could come back with a fresh mind! Which did help!

If we do trow these figures into a graph it is looking to head into the right direction. North that is!


I am getting close again to my ATM. Just like in crypto I am facing some resistance, I do hope than when that resistance is broken, we also will have a lower side resistance. 

Also you can see that I did pay 7.55 EURO in fees. Copytip does charge of fee between 0.5 and 1.5% for placing a bet. With higher odds combined to regular bookies I am happy to use their service. This money is easily won back.

Let's dive into my 2 strategies, to see what is working and what isn't. Hey maybe both are working :)

The Jupiler Pro League Strategy!

It is what the name says, in this strategy only bets on the Belgian Jupiler Pro League are played. Okay I did made one mistake and one game of the Serie A did end up in this strategy. To make it worse it was a loosing one :(


Maybe the best way to describe these stats is that is more like a roller coaster! 2 winning months and 2 loosing ones so far. 42 bets were played with a win rate of 52,38%. But as you can see that average stake did vary per month. What can't be seen in this overview in the biggest winning streak of 6 back to back wins, while the non winning streak (pushes are also possible) record is 3.

For the moment April has a perfect record but I don't think that I will be capable of sustaining this. This weekend the Belgian Cup will be played and after that the play offs will start. This has as a result that we will have only games with more or less teams with almost equal strength.
Pretty happy with the average odds and the win rate. Not so happy with the yield. But as long as the yield is positive I am doing better than 95% of the sports bettors!

If we look at the graph you can see a major comeback!


The biggest problem for me are the 2 downhills I did face. In more or less 10 bets I did loose all profit and did dig a small hole. This is an excellent example of how a bad run can get you into problems. Now I am back in the green, I do want to stay there and built a small cushion.

I do have the feeling that the next 5 to 10 bets are crucial. The worst thing what could happen is that I will have a new downhill ride, which I do want to avoid.

The football money maker strategy!

Compared to the strategy of the Jupiler Pro League, this strategy looks more consistent.


With more consistent I do mean only one loosing month compared to 3 winnings. Just like the JPL strategy I do have a more than decent average odds with 1.915 but a lower win rate with 50,77%. In this strategy placing a bet on any football game is allowed but I do only use odds of 1.5 and above.

If we look at the graph based on those 65 bets, it is heading in the right direction.


My biggest winning streak is 4 and non winning streak is also 4.

But since the beginning of April I do have 2 copiers! This does give a complete different dimension to betting. Suddenly not only my own money is at risk but also the money of others. While I have the remark, that people should follow on own risk, it still feels strange. But I may not complain because oe of the reason for joining copytip was the hope to get some copiers.

For the moment the copiers have made a profit of 129,32 euro with a yield of 13.66%. So they can't complain. But when I go into a cold streak ....

The fee I do charge has been set on 10%. This means that if they have made enough profit, I do get 10% of their profit.
Copytip does calculated it as follows: if the fee they have paid so far is less than 10% of their profit, I am entitled on a profit share. When the fee they have paid so far is above 10% of their profit, I will have to wait until it drops back below 10%.

In my case copier B did pay me so far 7.54 euro on a profit of 64.66 euro, meaning that his achieved profit share is 7.54/64.66 = 12%. If my next bet in this strategy is a winner, I will get again a profit fee.
Copier A on the other side has an achieved profit share of 18%. Meaning that I probably do need back to back wins, to earn a profit fee for him. So far he has paid me 10.88 euro as fee and has a profit at the moment of 60.51 euro.

With the backing of my copiers (as long as it lasts) each bet for this strategy has an ante of 79 euro. 6 from me and the rest from my copiers. I hope to keep them happy and to attract more copiers!

Mhh, just noticed that I do have a new copier. Suddenly the ante per bet is 109 euro! More pressure on my back :)

If you want to join copytip feel free to use my referral code:


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