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Crypto In 2025

Cryptocurrency in 2025?

By TheCryptoInvestor | TheCryptoBlog | 23 Feb 2020

Predicting the top of the day of the weird and wonderful world of crypto might be an outsized order for even the foremost prolific of psychics. Just five years ago Bitcoin was recovering from its first loss and was trading at around $283 USD.

Between then and till now, Bitcoin had hit the amazing heights of around $19,300 USD in late 2017, followed by a hefty subsequent crash - dropping nearly as low as $3,200 USD one year after.

To make even a ballpark estimate on the price of specific cryptocurrencies over subsequent five years is nothing in need of fanciful.

Bitcoin’s price historyRoad to recovery: Bitcoin’s price history illustrates the matter in making predictions within the world of crypto. Image: Yahoo Finance

We can, however, draw on observations over the influence cryptocurrencies are making on the broader world, and make logical predictions supported what the likes of Bitcoin have taught us so far .

Here’s an insight into what the planet of crypto will appear as if by 2025:

Welcome to a Paperless Society
Cryptocurrencies will play their respective role in rendering paper money and billing obsolete within the approaching years.

Although this prediction is way from bold - in any case it’s a secure bet that you’re currently carrying much less physical cash in your wallet compared to, say, five years ago.

CoinBundle had explained that digital coins could soon forge a rival for today’s popular transaction tools, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Using the technology of the time, users can acknowledged transactions through an obsessive app - “CryptoPay” - which could be accessed via a biometric scan on your smartphone, or through a wise contact on your eye.

With the help of your smart contact , you'll abandon the tired old payment methods of 2019 and securely conduct transactions by blinking “a specific number of times — which you get to form a choice — to execute a payment.”

Libra Rising
Bitcoin should rule the roost by 2025, but the crypto giant could even be looking over its shoulder as stablecoins like Facebook’s Libra begin to make their presence felt.

In a nutshell, stablecoins tie their values to tangible real-world assets slightly a bit like the US Dollar and gold - meaning that they’re almost sure to be free of the market volatility that we’re wont to seeing surround the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Upcoming super-secure stablecoins like TMV and EOSDT will make transactions worldwide far more seamless due to lack of fees and no need for currency conversions.

Given their stability, stablecoins will represent a huge step faraway from the earth of crypto investment and can pave the way towards a replacement era of convenience - where microtransactions are often conducted quickly and efficiently on almost any product or service - albeit that service might be paying to catch the bus on a Tuesday morning.

Crypto Will Thrive within the Face of Tradition
Cryptocurrencies entered the planet off the rear of an all-consuming financial crisis - the results of which we’re still feeling today.

In times where the prospect of recession loomed, the prospect of investing during a decentralised entity like cryptocurrencies seemed like a shocking opportunity to escape the pinch of monetary hardship.

With Barron’s reporting that two-thirds of economists predict some quite economic downturn by the absolute best of 2020, the lure of investing outside of traditional currency will become more alluring to investors.

If there is enough speculation that cryptocurrencies could be as a secure haven for our finances during the time of wider economic hardship, it’s fair to assume that established names like Bitcoin and Ethereum will experience a rise in value - however it might be foolish to debate the sustainability of any rise in market value of a specific currency.


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