Thinking About BitTorrent Token (BTT) Part of my HODL List.

By Torsovomit | TheCoinCollector | 20 Mar 2020

                                                                            So BTT hmmmm What to think about it? 

The fact that it is used for torrents makes it well rather useful in my eyes, I don't deal with torrents n all that jazz as the government can actually come nip you in the ass about it. Doesnt suprise me that those sites tell you to hide your vpn haha and with all those ads for Vpn crap v..v not my cup of tea I guess.

But BTT already has a great use if you think about it, People Love free movies that just came out, free shows, anime, games lol well the list goes on really but people WANT that shit.

If I am not mistaken the token is used to up the speed of downloads which people will want to do, I would haha and the whole rewards thing giving bandwidth and Seeding is a Stellar as fuck lol Crypto pun :)

I was thinking about that and honestly wouldn't that make a whole new way of "mining" this coin or what ever you would call it,

because well If YOU are being rewarded for having the fully downloaded file that your seeding for other people, and these other people are dumping it in for faster downloads making the rewards high I would imagine ( more use more worth right?) 

So really all someone would have to do is Make sure they have popular files that people are going to want so they most likely seed more often in return building there rewards, So be it new movies, like hell how many people have torrented all the marvel and dc movies right? 

I think this coin is going to do well in the future and it being part of tron is pretty cool xD Even being on exchanges so fast is impressive. 

I have been slowly collecting it for free along with Ripple, Bitcore, Verge and Horizen,

What coins or tokens are you hodling and why? and whats your take on BTT?

check out this site for them you can claim every 5 min and they have mining programs for cpu and gpu


Anyways thanks for reading Hope you let me know your opinion on BTT!!L

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