If you're an anti masker, you should be thrown in jail.

If you're an anti masker, you should be thrown in jail.

By Torsovomit | TheCoinCollector | 24 Nov 2020

This is a really touch subject... but fuck it, people seem to think covid is a hoax and peoples freedoms are being taken away....

This fucking disgusts me(pardon my French I am just pretty passionate about this topic)

But like how in the hell are your rights being taken away just because of a mask thats made to lessen the chance if you are sick for 14 ish days before symptoms show...incase you cough and spread it.

I get why some people shit on this is the government is corrupt and there is always a bigger picture.

But in reality half or more of these people either haven't had covid or let alone been in a community that's plagued with it. If they have and still have that b.s outlook then they are just very unintelligent.

So let's get on the topic of "peacefully protesting" and how thats in the charter rights in most countries.

YES you have the right to protest...in the old world....

Given covid19...

But this right now is the new world, nothing will ever go back to the normal we are all used to, like I said this is a NEW world...life how we know it, has changed.

All these people denying what the truth is and holding protests without masks or social distancing need to be locked up or just fucking killed as I look at it as attempted murder... if you aids and have intercourse with someone with out taking precautions or even telling them thats attempted murder... you sell extascy and get busted...thats attempted murder as your actions could actually kill someone.

Why are those idiots any different?

Sure the death rate is low...ONLY because the ventilators haven't been all taken up.

Once shit hits the fan... the hospitals will be over run, and honestly it will happen because anti maskers and people who do not take this seriously will spread it. As there "rights have been taken away"

I am a chef and work in a hot kitchen and wear a legit mask my whole shift because I care about my core bubble as they do also.

The one thing with these people as I have already said is that they haven't been exposed to it yet, or haven't had someone dear to them die and in some cases when it does happen to them it will be particularly there fault as they do not respect the current situation. All they care about is there own selfish outlook on there own agenda, if the people had children and killed there own child cuz they got sick from a protest...that they put themselves through...would be but hurt and realize how they completely fucked up, and look for sympathy even though they brought it on them selves.

Anti maskers can gtfo 

As I said this is the new world, our rights existed in the old world, what matters now more then everything is slowing this and getting rid of it. People taking this serious, people abiding, people following the rules to save there own families and the people they are around everyday...

Cuz honestly the people who don't care are the ones causing lockdowns and people losing there lives.

Take care.



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