Pepsi Coin (Pepcoin) ?

By TheCoinClique | Crypto Centric | 12 Mar 2021

Many see Bitcoin as the one and only.. They claim to see alt-coins as nothing more than “a bag of shitcoins." But after I pitch this nightmare of a dystopian future to you, you will beg me for some XRP or even just some Doge haha!

I am almost certain that crypto currency is going to be a huge part of the future and to be honest I don't think that the world governments and giant corporate companies are too fond of Decentralization.

With that being said, it is only a matter of time before these bozo’s in suites and ties try to hijack the crypto movement and tries to sell us their own crypto currencies that double up as company stocks or just a companies native currency in general.

You might be asking yourself "What the hell do you mean a crypto that doubles as a stock or even as a corporate companies very own asset.... Why?"

These cheap bastards that's why. Some of the tokens I have seen online already represent a share in a company on the stock market. This is pretty common in the crypto space and or when speaking about Erc20 tokens in general. But lets say Pepsi Cola is the first douche-lord to adopt this practice on a grander scale.


I’m sure you have heard of Pepcoin. If you haven’t, good haha. It is trash. As of right now it’s just a shitty little website where you can enter codes from your Pepsi bottle cap and then you get less than a cent in rewards via your PayPal account. I haven’t had any luck with it, as the site lags and is just very slow and not worth any of my time. It’s truly awful and by no means, a crypto currency. 

But what if Pepcoin became a crypto.

Picture this: They used to sell you a Pepsi for a dollar, but they had to pay for the actual liquid, the bottle, and shipment/deliveries. Then they would subtract all those costs from their sales and find their profits. But with Pepcoin as a cryptocurrency, they could just sell you nothing on an exchange for the price of something and make a lot of profit. They could also accept Pepcoin in exchange for Pepsi products. It could get pretty weird. Like if Pepsi was backed to Pepcoin, sort of like how Gold was backed to fiat in the old days. You could literally slave away at work to get paid in Pepsi. Do you hate your life? You sure will after cashing out those pay checks.

Why might this become a reality? Well people pay thousands for nothings. Look to Bitcoin, the asset trades for over 50k currently despite being intangible. Now don’t get me wrong I love Bitcoin! But Bitcoin isn’t physical and I think paying for non existent items could be a very slippery slope to a stupid spend, depending on the situation of course. A Bitcoin purchase can be smart. Buying Robux for your Roblocks account however, is just a stupid spend.

Another reason why this may happen eventually, is when you buy a share of any company on the stock market, you pay in fiat currency... Now many fiat currencies face inflation and many crypto currencies are invented specifically to fight inflation. To avoid losing money due to inflation, companies like Pepsi could only accept payments in their own currency such as Pepcoin. This would only work if they made Pepcoin inflation-proof and to do so, all they would really have to do is copy bitcoin’s white paper. Kinda like how they copied Coke products in the first place.

My last reason this may happen is because corporate companies like Pepsi love money. They literally live to make money...So why wouldn’t they try to make their own money? I can see them trying to create a currency if everyone else is doing it.

Monkey see monkey do.

And hey, that’s basically all alt-coins are anymore, just everyone trying to make their own bitcoin or something similar to it. 

Want some Ripple or Doge Coin yet? Haha relax, mainstream corporate companies haven't made their own shitcoins so we have nothing to worry about... Yet.

 However, I’m pretty sure anyone who knows a thing or two about crypto would know to stay away from something like Pepcoin (if it actually was a crypto)!  

Thanks for reading my nightmarish peak into a dystopian future. I hope you enjoyed it. 


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