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By TheCoinClique | Crypto Centric | 19 Feb 2022



So I have started working at a new place and since my working environment has changed, I think it's only right if I change my saving/spending habits as well. With that being said... in today's blog post, I'm going to break down my paycheck into percentages and see what I can comfortably afford to save, invest, and spend on a bi-weekly basis.

so without giving away any actual numbers, let us attempt to get this situated. 

Okay so like I said, I get paid bi-weekly meaning that I get paid every two weeks and there are typically 4 weeks in a month, meaning that I should get two paychecks per month. So we will account for both of those paychecks. I should also note that I thankfully split my rent with my lady and we also split our grocery expenses, so that really helps me when it comes to budgeting out things.



Okay, now I have to pay my share of rent once per month so let's designate 35% of my first paycheck to that. This will leave me with another 65% to budget with!

My next biggest expense of paycheck #1 will go towards my savings account, and that will be 25% of my pay.

Next, I want to be sure that I have enough money for food... So I will probably leave 15% of my money for food and I know that may seem like a low amount for two weeks' worth of food but my girlfriend and I split the grocery bills so I think this should work out alright. If not I can always adjust the percentages around. 

Okay so according to this budget plan draft, we are left with 1/4th of my paycheck remaining... so I think that we will use the last 25% on my weekly allowance and whatever I do not spend in those two weeks will then be used to buy more food, investments, or savings.



For the second paycheck of the month... I was thinking that since rent won't need to be paid yet, I could use 35% on my weekly allowance, and half of whatever I do not spend can then be sent into my savings account and the other half of that money could get invested into cryptocurrencies.

Next, I was thinking that I could place another 25% of my pay into my savings account!

I was also thinking that I could throw another 25% of my money into crypto investments...

That would leave me with another 15% of the money to be spent on food... unless I need to adjust that, but obviously, I first need to see how this budget plan works out!


I was also thinking of doing another percentage breakdown for how much money I want to spend on each token/coin.
The top coins I want to invest in are always swapping around but as of right now... they would be XYO, ETH, and BTC. I think I will swap them each time but the breakdown will be something like this:

ETH: 25%
XYO: 50%
BTC: 25%

I tend to go more bullish on smaller valued coins ;p

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!!!



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