My 1st Year in Crypto

By TheCoinClique | Crypto Centric | 11 Dec 2021

The year is nearing an end and many investors are calling out "Bear Market". Now if I would have heard those two words just 12 months ago... It would have been like hearing a stranger talk dirty to me in a foreign language while they are wearing a facemask. I mean I literally wouldn't have any clue as to what they are insinuating.

Stepping into the world of Crypto back in January of 2020, I felt very out of place. I had never really been too interested in technology and I didn't really care about money or even my future for that matter... I was content with where I stagnantly stood in life, never really going anywhere. It was like I was caught in some kind of loop and going through the daily motions without any deep thought about which direction I was heading. But I had a friend who had seemed to be making a lot of money from the stock market, and I figured that I had to wake up and smell the roses and the aroma lifted me, it really did... It carried me right to my old piece of crap laptop. 

For the entire first week of my adventure, I stayed up late every night reading about Wallstreet, stocks, and even going over the taxes on capital gains and losses. I knew the knowledge would really come in handy when it came down to buying/selling my first stock. The funny part about it all is that I had no idea that I wasn't gonna give a damn about the stock market as soon as I had set my eyes on some information about the crypto market.

Going through life, there had been something about anything centralized that always seemed to piss me off, and I'm pretty sure that something was the very idea of centralization itself. And so when I first heard about decentralization, I thought "wow how fu**ing cool would that be". So I spent $500 on my first coin and then I never looked back. Only a few short months later, and there I was trading tokens on Defi Aggregators and staking coins like it was my job! I was really hooked. 

Then came Elon's pumps, and at first I was happy. Free gains, I mean who wouldn't be happy? But then I quickly realized that over half of the world had a hard-on for Elon and that they weren't thinking rationally. What he said was law. To hell with blockchain and code... Hello to meme CULTure and mindless madness. Elon's word was the world's word. And shortly after that, Elon's FUD was the world's FUD as well. Right around the same time, China began banning cryptocurrency mining. China's FUD also became the world's FUD... This kind of made me feel uncomfortable. Then to many investors, Elon just kinda lost credibility. Unfortunately, there are still some people who tolerate his lame sh*t. To me it's mind-boggling. I might even get an Elon fanboy or two in my comments defending him... But for the most part, he shut his artificially intelligent mouth... (Elon totally has a Neurolink chip in him), and then the market stood back on its feet. Then it fell, then stood again just to fall once more. But hey, don't make fun, there is a reason for that... crypto is in its infancy and so the price can be very volatile at times!

I quickly learned how to earn free Btc, Eth, and Ltc. I started doing surveys or playing apps on my phone to earn some. I even ended up finding some awesome computer games where I could play to earn sats and NFTs... The only catch was that my laptop at this time was taking a sh*t and the screen began to stop working. It was at that exact moment that I knew I had to buy myself a gaming computer. I figured that the steep price would act as my initial investment and all the free crypto that I was about to earn, would eventually reward me graciously.

Well here we are 11 months later, and I can honestly say that I have never had this much money before... Investing in crypto has been one of the smartest things that I have ever done. I used to really worry about my future, but because of some smart moves and pre-planning made in early 2020, I think I will be alright... I now have crypto invested in NFTs, Social-Fi, Game-Fi, Defi, and Cefi. I even hold onto some precious metals as well. But more importantly, I now have a better sense of direction in where I want to be in life. This is all thanks to the motivation I acquired from investing in the crypto space. So overall I'd say it's been a good year for me, financially speaking... Thanks so much for checking out my blog post!






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