3 Ways To Earn (Free) Bitcoin With Lolli

By TheCoinClique | Crypto Centric | 18 Feb 2021

     If you like crypto, then you probably really like crypto. And if you are anything like me, then you are probably always looking for new ways to help you stack satoshi (smaller units of Bitcoin). Well say less, because I found an app/ web browser extension that lets you stack up sats earned from shopping and a few other ways as well.

     The name? Lolli! Like the Pop. It’s real sweet, and yeah that pun was intended.

     With Lolli you can hop on the app once per day and click the “Daily Stack” button. This button opens up a new page where you can take a chance on your luck and get some free satoshi. No shopping is even required to use this feature since the daily stack is separate from the cash back part of the app/ web browser extension. The average value of satoshi I normally receive on a daily basis is about 7 cents, but I have previously been given as high as $0.53 on some days. On top of that, Lolli claims that you can earn way more than that each day with your daily stack (if you are lucky.) 

     The next way to earn on Lolli is with cash back, and yes you heard that right. With the Lolli web browser extension on Firefox, you can get cash back in United States Dollar or even Bitcoin! No debit or credit card is needed to do this other than your regular bank card that you more than likely already have. You simply go on the web browser extension and click the online store you wish to shop from. eBay, Nike, Chewy, and Ulta beauty are just some of the many stores that you get to choose to earn from!  Each store has a different percentage of cash back available for you to earn. Some stores are low at just 1% in cash back and others are as high as 27%. 

     As of right now you can only earn cash back on the web browser extension, but don’t worry! The crew at Lolli are currently working on adding the shopping feature to the app very soon. While we wait on that much needed update, you can still claim your daily stack on the app each day. 

     The last way to earn bitcoin with Lolli is the referral program. With this program you can recruit your friends and family to start earning cash back with the web browser extension. When you enter this part of the app, you will see that you can earn $1 for each person that you referred. You just have to give the person your referral code and then when they sign up you should get your reward in your account. They allow up to $500 dollars in referral rewards to be earned so you can really have a field day with this last method. I will be leaving my referral code below for anyone who wants to sign up. 

     To cash out with Lolli, you will need to earn 15 dollars minimum in your Lolli account. Lolli recommends that their users keep the Bitcoin they earn on their platform where it is safe with them. Personally, i think i will keep cashing out at $15 worth. The reason i choose to do this is because if you do not directly own the private keys to your satoshi, then those sats are technically not really yours. They would belong to Lolli. When you finally cash out however, you can send the bitcoin to your trusted wallet and take ownership of the private keys. 

     Thank you for taking the time to read this post! If you would like to try Lolli for yourself then hit the link below and start earning!

     My Referral code is: J7DKMW


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