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ThunderCore an Awesome Blockchain


It is a blockchain that have a lot of capabilities like cross chain swap, a nice wallet, support nft and a lot of dapps and a really good potential to be a huge blockchain ecosystem in the future. Support different blockchains like Ethereum, BSC, Heco. The gas of the blockchain is really cheap, and the transactions are really fast.



It is a really amazing ecosystem growing on this blockchain so what are you waiting to buy some Thunder coins now are very cheap but in the future this could be huge.

If you are interested to know more about this blockchain, go to his website:

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It is the official wallet of the ThunderCore blockchain where you can also store cryptocurrencies from other blockchains and exchange them for tokens from the ThunderCore network and allows you to easily use the dapps of the ThunderCore ecosystem. The wallet is only available in the Play store and the App Store.






It is an official ThunderCore dapp where by depositing your Thunder Token in the wallet you will automatically start mining more Thunder Token. The dapp allows you to generate more, but you must claim them every 7 days because at the end of the time you will not be able to continue mining more until you claim what you have already mined. As a recommendation is that you claim a few days before the deadline to receive a bonus in Thunder Token.

You can use a coupon code to gain a bonus in the mining, this is my coupon QDEAMA use it to gain a bonus, to use it you need to go to TT-Minnig in the TTwallet and go to bind a referrer there is a banner so push it and insert the code and that's it.

TT Mining

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