The two signals you need to know to see how the market is behaving.

As we already know there has been a massive crash of all cryptocurrencies, but let's see how stable coins behave, because if we don't realize the largest stable coins like usdt, usdc and busd behave graphically in an ascending manner, it is seen that the other cryptocurrencies fall in price, but why? The answer is simple because the biggest cryptocurrency holders start selling by switching everything to stablecoins.

As you can see in the image below, the largest stablecoins on your line chart are in green.



But the other cryptocurrencies are not having a good result.


So we can understand how analyzing the charts of stablecoins and their behavior can give us some breathing space in our next move, while stablecoins are in red, it means you are seeing more cryptocurrency buying, while they are in green, they are changing to stablecoins, this does not mean that it always works, each one must do their own prior market research.

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