Affiliate marketing 2021 Invest in Faucets or Cloud mining? TheBot.Concept

Affiliate marketing 2021 Invest in Faucets or Cloud mining? TheBot.Concept

By Badbot666 | TheBoT.Concept | 7 Jan 2021

Hello my dear marketers,

I have a question for you all... What do you think is a better way to invest in 2021? Invest into building affiliate network of faucet users or put your cash in a cloud mining/investment platform and also build an affiliate network there so you can earn commissions on your affiliate-deposits? 

Or maybe do a bit of both where possible?

Share your thoughts in the comments.


May I present you with the conceptual vision of mine as well...

We've all heard of CryptoTab I believe... And also most of us know Freebitco quite well... But have you ever heard of Trafficly ? It is a Bitcoin advertising platform that is quite good when it comes to delivering real crypto users on a good price...

Myself have used it for a while to aquire referals for many platforms and I am quite satisfied with the results. So my point is to build an affiliate network by getting as many referals as possible from as many platforms like Trafficly that provide real crypto users... For example the CryptoTab network could be buit up 10 levels deep... That is massive...

Let us know what you think and share with us your vision of 2021.



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