A unique and fun way to EARN in a crypto-casino

By Badbot666 | TheBoT.Concept | 16 Aug 2021

Have you ever heard of BetFury ?

It is an online crypto casino that offers many ways to actually earn instead of just wasting your crypto coins.

Every 20 minutes they give you boxes that contain BNB and BTC and also they give their own native BFG coin when you wager any coin in the casino. The BFG coin given for wagering can also be staked starting from 10 BFG and pays with all of the major coins on the platform daily.

So... the idea mainly is to collect from the BNB/BTC boxes for a while to gather some coins and then play it in the casino!?!?

Sounds crazy? Wait, here comes the craziest part.Play your coins on any of the slot games because the needed BFG token is twice cheaper instead if you play your coins on the in house games (Hi-Lo, Crash, Dice etc.)

And here is why.

From 10 BFG tokens upwards - STAKED in your account you get paid: BTC, ETH, BNB, TRON and USDT distributed to your wallet every day. All you’ve got to do is head to the staking page and withdrawal your earnings every day at exactly 00:00 UTC. And the amounts of your rewards grow with the total BFG tokens staked in your account.

Ps. Don't allow yourself to touch the BFG tokens no matter what because... you know... we're in a casino and it’s quite easy to slip and bet all of your hard earned (mined) BFG.


Also The team behind BetFury is constantly releasing new ways to earn more and more. To get rewarded more for your play. To give back to te community more in terms of percentage of the “house edge”. Or give 2-25% cash-back on all loosing bets.

Mainly the idea is to keep us entertained for longer so we get to spend more obviously. But if you’re smart and have balls you can get your hands on a pretty decent earning schedule on a daily basis.

Feel free to check it out and share your opinions with us. I bet you wont be able to argue with me a lot after a few  lovely staking payouts received.


Good luck and remember… NEVER WASTE YOUR BFG TOKENS.



Here is a link for you to register if you wish to join my affiliate team of smart crypto-casino users ;)




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