Long term 03/2020 (BTC vs ETH vs Chainlink vs CRO vs other cryptocurrencies)
Long term 03/2020 (BTC vs ETH vs Chainlink vs CRO vs other cryptocurrencies)

By Savastano | TheBestCryptoBlog | 1 Jun 2020

Long term Crypto 03 / 2020 (period  1 May 2020 - 30 May 2020). 

BTC vs ETH vs Chainlink vs CRO vs Energi vs Tezos.

At the beginning a small note - I was so distracted that on Saturday I already did this article (May 30), in total it turned out good, because today we have a red market from the morning, so I share the article from Saturday (screenshots also from Saturday). And if I have time, I will try to choose the best period for the next article of the "Long term" rank - end of June or July 1.

I decided to extend TOP 5 to TOP 6. Why? Because what is happening recently at Tezos deserves attention. In addition, during the "1 year period" Tezos has a pretty good result, especially when comparing Tezos with others. Confirmation on the screenshoot from the Change app.


6. Last place: Energi (-34%)
After 2 months of a big gains, now is a time for a big correction.
But still respect for a Energi - 2 wins in a row and only Energi gave gains in the March when was "corona time" and all other cryptocurrencies was in the red.

Last position: 1
Change: -5
Wins: 2 times.


5. Tezos (-1,40%)
Staking on the ledger, Staking on the Coinbase and many other things which happened on the Tezos.
All this allows me to believe in the long-term value of Tezos.




4. Bitcoin (+4,19%)

Old buddy Bitcoin. I thought it was time for Bitcoin to return to the TOP1 (or even TOP3), but the competition is fierce and the situation is very dynamic.

Last position: 4.
Top position: 3.

Bitcoin May June 2020

3. Ethereum (+4,96%)

When I woke up in the Saturday - I thought it will be day of the Ethereum and yes, it was day of ETH. But in the last month and in the last year - still didn't deserve for a TOP2. What it means? Real gains / increases will come soon.

Last position: 3.
Top position: 3.

ETH 2020

2. Chainlink (+6,65%)

In my opinion everyone should have Chainlink in the short or long term crypto portfolio. Even small %, but it is really must.
Of course - not a financial advice :) Invest in what You want, even not in crypto.

Last position: 2.
Top position: 2.

Chainlink 2020

1. Crypto.com CRO (+29,39%)

Crypto.com have some many promotions (I already wrote about one in last article - link in the resources). In may was Bitcoin -50%, Icx -50%, now Ada -50%, soon again BTC -50%. Everything when You having just 400 CRO (or more). Flexible staking on the app, great staking of CRO on the Crypto exchange (20% APR daily). So even now is today "red market" price of CRO going up. CRO can be black horse of the 2020. Today's result for a CRO in the last 1 month period is even better: more than +50%. Amazing gains.

Last position: 5.
Change: +4.
Win: 1


Long term crypto 02 / 2020:


Slavomir. Part of the year in Poland. Part of the year in the Philippines.


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