Things That Affect the Value of Cryptocurrency

Things That Affect the Value of Cryptocurrency


Fluctuating digital currencies have values and underlie conditions, one of which is the availability or scarcity of these assets. But sometimes the value also increases or decreases because of trust and use among the community who like it. In general, the fluctuations in the value of virtual currencies are strongly influenced by market mechanisms. It is exactly the same as the law of buying and selling in the real market

Unfortunately, the virtual market has a high level of volatility or change, so it is very volatile. If many people want the digital currency item and the value is not too much, then the price will also increase. Other factors also influence. The WannaCry attack some time ago indirectly helped to increase value volatility, because it forces users to make payments via digital currency or cryptocurrency.


Transaction mechanism

The basic concept is in every digital currency transaction, the entire network will record the history of the current transaction, including the amount of the transaction and balance held.

for example, someone has successfully made a transaction and confirmed by the recipient, then the entire network that is connected to the Blockchain will automatically know the information that explains that a certain number of transactions have occurred and has been digitally signed by giving the private key password to the system.

Recipient confirmation is very crucial for a digital currency transaction. Confirmed transactions are stored in a container or often called a pool called Blocks.

Transaction records are permanent, cannot be changed, hijacked, or counterfeited and become part of a blockchain or Blockchain. The permanent nature that makes the transaction digital currency cannot be canceled when it has been sent.


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The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain
The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain

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