Safe and Reliable Digital Wallet in Indonesia

Safe and Reliable Digital Wallet in Indonesia

Now there are many investors and stock players who take advantage of their opportunity to invest in virtual currencies (crypto). To get it is very easy, there are still many ways besides the deposit. for example mining, faucet, and others.

Of the two things, the most numerous and certainly do not spend is by means of a faucet, but the results of the faucet are not much like people deposit or plant shares, but if occupied at leisure may produce satisfying results. Even so many, people who use this faucet to get digital money through publishers like me now.

If you already get the nominal virtual money, how do you save it? To save virtual money is very easy. It is enough to have a virtual wallet that is available on the web and in the smartphone APP application that we have.

This wallet can be interpreted as an online store, more precisely like an ATM machine. But this money wallet is in digital form. You also have to use the internet network to access it, like internet banking.

There are many wallets that we know, but which of the existing wallets, are they famous and have good and reliable security and credibility?
I will provide 2 (two) digital wallet sites that are well-known and trusted. Among others are :



LUNO wallet. I think this wallet is still new because this wallet has just arrived and circulated in Indonesia. What amazed me was that there were so many users from using this digital wallet, even though it was still new. But there is information from the media that this Luno wallet is a Bitcoin wallet that was previously named BitX.

Luno has branches in various countries, such as Singapore, Cape Town, and London. This Luno is a wallet that has a very satisfying service because this wallet can be accessed via a web-based application such as Android and IOS. Users can receive and send virtual money like BTC and can also withdraw rupiah (Indonesian currency) through local banks.



Who doesn't know this virtual wallet? most trading players know. This Indodax is a wallet that is very popular in Indonesia. There are many security features, such as Google Authenticator and other security features. But this Indodax does not only provide as a wallet to store, receive, send, and withdraw BTC in Rupiah pieces but must first sell BTC to Rupiah before withdrawing to the Local BANK, but also providing an exchange feature that can be used for trading.

Indodax can accommodate Virtual currencies such as BTC, BTS, DASH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, NXT, XLM, XEM, and XRP. To monitor buying/selling activities on this site, VIP Bitcoin provides market selling and buying features aimed at other member activities. With this feature, users can predict prices.

Another feature that can be relied on is Spot Market because there is Market Maker in it, which is a feature of installing prices according to our own wishes that have been designed. There is also a Taker Marker to buy and sell Cryptocurrency currency instantly but is charged a fee of 0.3% for each transaction made by the user.

The most unique thing is in the Indodax is if you predict the next price development, in Indodax, provides the ChatRoom feature, a space for dialogue with other members, with the aim of discussing the currencies in the wallet, and usually, they predict the development of Cryptocurrency.

Therefore, the reasons for digital currency hunters and investors who use this site as a trading or simply as a currency wallet Cryptocurrency (virtual). For those of you who want to create an account on this site must be with the real name that matches your ID Card, because Indodax must verify the account with a scan of ID Card photos and selfies, and the bank name must be the same so that the account will be used maximum.





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The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain
The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain

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