Psalm 1 (The Woke Bible Project)

By amberbyers | The Woke Bible Project | 13 Jul 2023

1Blessed are those

  who embrace wisdom's gentle whispers,

and walk not in the path of ignorance,

  nor sit in the realm of prejudice.


2Their joy emanates from the divine truth,

  and in its queer embrace, they find solace.

3Like trees rooted by flowing rivers,

  they bear fruit in due season,

  their leaves evergreen, never fading.

Their endeavors are blessed with abundance.


4The unenlightened are not so fortunate,

  like scattered dust carried away by the wind.

5In the judgment, they shall not stand,

  nor join the righteous in sacred assembly.

6For the Divines watch over the righteous path,

  while the ways of the ignorant shall fade into oblivion.

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The Woke Bible Project

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