Bit-erally Terrific: Bityard First Impressions - Blog #2

Bit-erally Terrific: Bityard First Impressions - Blog #2

Hello fellow crypto friends and welcome to the 2nd Weekly Crypto Roundup. Today we will be talking about Bityard, a unique crypto exchange that has many nice features I’ve never seen before. Personally, after having sniffed about on Bityard, I have seen some very nice things around there and Bityard will probably be one of my used crypto trading websites now. Bityard has so many different useful features and I do like them. However, there have also been a few design issues I’m nit picking with, and the verification So without further ado, on with the review.

First Impressions

So I started looking at the front page which is packed full of information. There are so many facts for you to read and they are all pretty interesting. My favourite section was this one here:
We can see here on this page that 150 countries and 100,000+ members are using Bityard. An astounding feat of number I must say. The 100,000+ figure really shows that the platform is legitimate, which is good because I have said below that the web design does look a bit fishy compared to say Coinbase or Kraken. I also think that the .05% trading rate is remarkably low. Most of these trading fees from other sites can be up to 2%, so being 40 times cheaper is very nice. There are also multiple licenses from different countries. Always good to make sure your crypto is in safe hands :D

I then decided to sign up, which is safe and secure. The captcha system is slightly odd, as it sends the verification code to your email before you sign up. Nonetheless, this is a secure method I must say. However, I would still prefer the system of signing up THEN receiving the sign up link. I have also seen that Bityard supports 9 different languages, perfect for all speakers.

One feature I think I should add is the way you input your email. I LOVE this! When you input your email, you get all the main options for emails, all the main extensions. All websites should do this and this is one feature that I think is very useful to make Bityard stand out:


Bityard is also backed by the might of Binance, a hugely well known crypto exchange. This means I know I can trust it. However, I would still like the web design to look a bit more clean, like Kraken or Coinbase.

Now, enough about logging in and home screens, let’s dig into what Bityard is really about


The promotions at Bityard are, and there is no other word for it, astounding. Bityard firstly give you up to 258 USDT! These are simply earned by doing easy tasks or trading, Incredible. 4 of these come without doing any trading and the other 254 come whilst trading. This means that you can get up to 258 USDT off on your crypto orders. How topping! There is also a daily mining area in Bityard which lowers you costs when purchasing crypto.


By clicking on the cryptos above, you get a small amount off of your order. For example, the next time I order Ripple, I will get 0.105 free if I ordered over 0.105. Very clever and a great incentive to shop here. This mining area can be used daily and will lower your prices considerably if used every day constantly.

Practice Trading

This is my favourite bit about Bityard, the practice trading area. I’ve seen these in stock exchange apps but never on a crypto website. This mode is perfect for testing your crypto skills, and it’s so useful to know if you really are good at trading or not. This mode will allow you to simply trade without the loss of money. The great thing about this is that you’ll never lose anything, not a single penny, and you can really weigh yourself up to see if you think you should be in the crypto game. Therefore, this is my favourite feature of Bityard and I think the devs should definitely keep it. I can buy many cryptos, hold on to them for a week and see if they go up or down just to see if I’m good enough at trading before using my real money. And what’s even better, you have unlimited money on trial mode, rather than a fixed about such as on trading apps.



Finally, the affiliate program is very neat and very nice of Bityard. This program gives you rewards when you invite people to the program. Obviously, being a reward program, this means the more you invite, the better the rewards.The different ranks do various different things, including lowering your transaction fees, and they can be seen below:


If anyone here also goes on Bityard, feel free to post your link in the comments. As for my link, here it is: . I am greatful for any people who use it. 

Final Thoughts

Bityard is a great little crypto exchange with lots of interesting features. Personally, I must say I loved the training trading area and also the “crypto mining” area. The exchange rewards users in so many ways and I genuinely love it. Perhaps the only pointer for this website is to slightly change the design features because it looks a bit unoptimized at the end. I think that the affiliate scheme and the free rewards are excellent to any new crypto traders however, so I think new traders should definitely consider using the site

I must also say that a tablet version of the site would be nice. I was using the desktop version when testing on my tablet, which really didn’t look too great. 

I hope this article taught you a bit more about Bityard and perhaps persuaded you to use it in future. To the developers, I think have a cleaner design would appeal to more people, and that is mainly what I’d like to see in the future.

As a closing note, I must thank the people running the Bityard contest for their generosity. Even if I don’t win, as I have seen some fabulous articles such as PVMihalache’s or Mynima’s on the subject, I think Bityard and Publish0x are very nice for running this whole thing, so thank you very much guys, and good luck to all entrants

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