Upland for Beginners: How to Build Some Buying Power Without Spending Real Money

Upland: Rebuild the World


If you're not already familiar Upland is a game powered by the EOS blockchain in which users leverage in game currency (UPX) to purchase properties. Property ownership is recorded on the EOS blockchain where transactions serve as a permanent proof of ownership or bill of sale etc. So, if you purchase and hold a property in Upland, you own that property forever or until sold. More interesting is the fact that Upland's properties are all mirrored to real world addresses which can be viewed in Upland through Google Streetview. Ever wanted to scoop up a parcel or ten of property on a busy San Francisco street? In Upland you can make that a reality. The developers have even stated that eventually you'll be able to sell your properties for real world money with a fiat out option. Upland isn't just a game, it might very well become an investment. 

Sounds fun right? It is. You'll even find your pulse racing a little when new areas of property are added and you get caught up rushing to buy all you can. Unless of course you're broke, in which case you'll be suffering some serious FOMO while others quickly build their inventory of properties. It's important to own properties because properties earn you UPX with which you can acquire more properties and in time become an Upland millionaire. However, its not as easy as it seems. 

One of the biggest complaints I have found when reading through user reviews is the difficulty involved in getting a start. You will receive some in game currency just for signing up, but you'll notice that goes quickly and you'll be relegated to waiting on the UPX your properties will earn you over time. If you just do this, it could be a very slow start. This is actually a reasonable gripe. When you consider though that the properties you're acquiring could eventually earn you real money you have to realize that something of value almost never comes too easily. It will, and probably should, take a little work. 

Now, you could always take the easy road and buy some UPX. 1000 UPX costs $1.00 USD and if you have the dough more power to you. If you're anything like me and appreciate a good grind I have a little tip for you here. You can definitely build some Upland buying power by just getting creative and making a reasonable effort. 

Here's what you'll have to do.  

Upland is modeled after Monopoly. In Upland your game piece or player is called a block explorer. This little guy roams around the map and comes within range of properties which you can choose to buy if you have the finances. You can only interact with properties you're close enough to. You can't technically move your block explorer at will, with the exception of "sending" it to either properties of your own or as a visitor to properties that other community members own. When you move to your own property it serves the purpose of getting you to that vicinity, but that may not be where you need to go. In that case you'll have to find another users property in the area you wish to travel to and send your block explorer there. This will cost you a fee and a send. You can send your explorer three times per day. 

Now the trick. By utilizing this send feature paired with treasures, you can build up some serious cash. However, since your sends are limited you'll have to get strategic. In Upland you can search around the map while zoomed in and what you'll be looking for are paper airplane symbols. These are extra sends and each one can range from one extra send to multiple extra sends. The first step is to utilize the sends you have to visit properties near paper airplanes and build yourself up a number of sends to increase your mobility on the map. Keep in mind that when you are travelling around visiting minted properties to mind the visitor fees before you send. In Fresno, which is the best place to get your start, visits can cost as little as 5 UPX or as much as 25 UPX. Make sure you're finding properties with low visitor fees to maximize your profits from this strategy.


The next step will take a little practice. You're going to have to treasure hunt. Mainly I have used the standard treasure hunts. Once you have a few sends at your disposal go into the treasure feature and spawn a treasure. this is free to do once a day and then costs 20 UPX each time after. If you get good at finding the treasures it will be worth the investment. This is where the sends come into play. Once the treasure is spawned you'll be able to get a clue from a nearby minted property. Select a property within range of your block explorer and toggle the treasure button. You will see an arrow pointing in the direction of the treasure. From there you will pick a distance in that direction and send yourself to another property to get the next clue. Repeat this process and once you are within range of a treasure you will be able to collect it. After you complete a treasure hunt wash and repeat and watch your UPX grow.   

for a tutorial on treasure hunting clues visit here:



Treasure hunting like this is a bit of an intensive process. It will definitely take some trial and error. Some treasure boxes reward more UPX than others. If you are reluctant to let go of real money but still desire to climb the ladder of Upland real estate pro, this is one strategy that can serve to make that possible. 

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