The HOTBIT Problem

By DanyVigne | The Way ahead | 17 May 2021

Hello guys, I haven't posted anything for a while, but I decided to share a little bit of my experience with this Exchange, Hotbit.

As I said in this other post, Every Penny Counts , I have been making extra income through the Dentavox research site, (affiliate link: DentaVox Paid Surveys ), where it is possible to receive DCN for responding to surveys, last month I managed to accumulate 630,000 DCN, the equivalent of $ 50 at the time, which was a big help in the budget here at home, however, I have to be honest here, the flow of questions has decreased a lot in the last few days, and the rewards have decreased along with it.

I accumulated about 100,000 DCN, the equivalent of about 10 dollars in the current quote, as usual, I sent it to HOTBIT through my wallet saved on the website, the payment was made in a matter of minutes, never to appear in my HOTBIT wallet.

It turns out that HOTBIT underwent an attempted hacker invasion a few days ago and went into full maintenance mode, blocking wallets, accessing accounts by users, and any type of trading.

I believe that this negatively affected all users of the platform, which left us with a bad taste in the mouth, and a good loss in our pockets.

As if such an event was not enough, after several days without access to the wallets, access was reestablished and I carried out the transaction mentioned above, only to discover that without any kind of prior notice, HOTBIT changed the address of all portfolios, which directed my humble transaction into limbo. I contacted support, but I have not received any response so far, I hope to be able to resolve it.

Such an event made me curious if this would be something common, after a search I found the result of some other people with similar problems on the same platform, with significant losses and much greater than mine.

Maybe it was naïve on my part, to believe that my portfolio would always be mine, maybe it is a ridiculous failure of management and risk management by the platform.

This was my last deposit anyway, and if you are looking for a good exchange to call yours, I recommend that you stay away from HOTBIT, it is certainly not worth the headache.

In addition to all this problem, there are still high transfer rates, which end up making part of your investments end up staying on the platform.

I think about migrating my DCN to HitBTC, but this time I will search beforehand.

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