Hex - The Best CryptoCurrency You NEVER heard of.

By Vic1030 | In My Opinion | 1 Jan 2021

178x in 2020 is not a typo



Bold claim you say?

What if i told you that there was a cryptocurrency in 2020 that outperformed EVERY.SINGLE.ONE in existence

What if i told you this crypto for the better part of 2020 was under a penny......

The Best Crypto Currency you ask

Wasn't Bitcoin 
Wasn't Ethereum
Wasn't Chainlink
Wasn't XRP

Wasnt ANYTHING IN THE TOP 100...or 1000

Hex's Current status as of 1-1-2021

#7 in market cap @ 7.2 Billion
has 774 million dollars LOCKED for an average of 4.83 years 

What is Hex?

Long story short . Hex is doing what crypto should be doing.
giving you transparency ...giving you control of your money....and paying you as you should.
It is the First and only complete Blockchain Time Deposit That mimics a real world Certificate Of Deposit 

The Only difference is...your getting what you actually deserve. 
Im currently recieving nearly 40% apy  on 4 10 year deposits ( in total i have about 10 deposits)

You can deposit as many times as you want for as long as 15 years. Again YOU decide 

The MOMENT you give up your crypto assets to a centralized exchange you are NO LONGER IN CONTROL.
which defeats what crypto is all about... 

HEX is transparent 
- you can see every transaction every deposit...every withdrawal....every buy...there is nothing hidden from the user
no backdooring here...no exit scamming...no admin key... 3x audited

We don't Hide a Thing

- have a look at every single bit of data we have... if you wanted to you can spend days looking through every single deposit . We have nothing to hide its an amazing thing seeing actual openness in a space that is full of hidden bs.


Hex is Complete
- Hitting every set goal in a years time...is a testament in crypto itself. If your conditioned to the endless cycle of roadmaps and updates and hopes on INCOMPLETE projects littered across the space in the words of Black Panther

-"We don't do that here."

r.i.p Chadwick Boseman

You have to ask yourself, how does a crypto have all this going for itself and u havent heard about it?

One Word "Gatekeeping"

If you have supposed "rankings" listing HEX as 200 "were looking at you coinmarketcap"

Incomplete stats on Coingecko

Binance non-existant


And the list goes on....

All i can say is....you still have time...
And Theres still much more upside on this elevator

Much love , Much Crypto




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