The Birth of Defi : The Death of the Fiat

      Let's go back to 2016.  I was 27 years old and living in my parents basement.   I was unemployed at the time and daytrading cryptocurrencies , more specifically altcoins. ( Alternative coins) e.g., siacoin , digibyte, ripple, stellar, litecoin, iota etc.  I could go on for another three lines but I won't.  During this time there was alot of disbelievers in btc and altcoins.   There were platforms where you could trade cryptocurrency such as poloniex,  binance, bitfinex and a few others.  You had to send your btc to the platform then you began trading.  Everything was traded In btc.  

       Vitalik Buterin had bigger plans with ethreum than we all knew.  The idea of a decentralized finance built with smart contracts and tokens.  Tokens were not the same as coins.   They didn't run on there own chain , they ran on side chains or ethreum.  These were designated erc-20 rokens. 

      Now I'm 33 years old living in a house me and my wife purchased a year ago using decentralized finance to compound cryto into a savings account that I use for collateral on loans that cost next to nothing .  All still keeping my investment in that token or coin.  I even add liquidity to exchange pools and earn more crypto on both my collateral and by farming.   My crypto makes me money without me doing anything.  I have even borrowed crypto from my own collateral to invest in other crypto then profited on that to pay off the loan.  This is just breaking the surface of web3.  Its barely scratching the surface of what blockchain technology can do .  

     Back to the "real world".  I live in the United States where centralized banking and finance run everything.  Where our government will deem a commodity such as gambling or selling Marijuana illegal only because they couldn't tax it.  With the advances in our technology they now can and all of a sudden it isn't illegal.  Love your country mistrust your government.  Look at the interest rates they charge us.  Look at how many people in this world can't own a bank account.  They can't be a part of centralized finance.  Everyone has cell phones on the other hand.  Everyone has access to web3 and dapps.  Everyone can be a part of decentralized finance without the interference of the regions government.  No third party.  Peer to peer transactions to trade or using smart contracts for finance , they are apart of it. 

     With more and more vendors accepting crypto as payment the question comes , is it time to burn the Fiat and change our ecosystem.  This would cause alot of changes that some might call anarchy.  It's only a matter of time before the Fiat and centralized finance become obsolete. 




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I have been investing in and studying cryptocurrencies since 2016. I have a business administration degree from Stockton University. I am a union sheet metal worker as my day job. I love making money.

The Unlimited World of Web3 The Decentralized Web
The Unlimited World of Web3 The Decentralized Web

I will try my best to explain what the decentralized web , web3, the role certain tokens play in this new realm and how the internet as we know it will be forever changed.

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