TRUMPCOIN? Yay or Nay?

By BordBorg | THE UNKNOWN MONEY | 3 Jun 2021


I am very green with posting and sharing my fact found interpreted opinions

They are short but do have the basic required found information via the web to form my own opinion to decide to invest and sink or swim.

So thank you all who reads and tips them and also thank you for those who just click on them.

I am a BTC and CEL HODL-er.

Celsius  Was a great investment at the right time.

The generous weekly rewards are not too bad either.

I troll the exchanges and search the small passive gains of low value coins

hoping for another like CEL

It is mainly for fun and have had some really good results despite what the market says...

It is all about Patience. HODL on!


Another class C altcoin  that caught my attention....



A Cryptocurrency created by Patriots for Patriots around the World.

I would say Trumpcoin is branded. 

(Former President Donald Trump) 




So with that Brand alone, it surely will have a support network and holders for life. 

Of course, it is not for ALL humans. 

I'm sure for those that hold strong political views against the former President, this isn't the coin for them.

For those that do support and those that are neutral, it may be worth it.

>>The TrumpCoin Patriot loves Freedom, God, Family and feels a sense of pride in contributing to society. They stand up against corruption, support Integrity, preserve our individual rights in a free society and respect those flags around the world that support Freedom and stand against leftist intimidation. Patriots have sacrificed their time, energies, careers, families and their lives for the good of all people.<<


Created in 2016  as a Proof of Stake coin

 Since then it has 22034.4% increased in value.  CoinGecko shows a 118% gain over 30 days and a 435% gain in the last year.

For a low value coin, that is not too shabby for an idolized "joke" coin as some called it.

It's value, like the most of the market, has been sliced in half since the "ELONslide of 2021" occurred. 

But the interest of cryptocurrencies is still rising despite the giant slump in value across the board.

The TrumpCoin slid down from $0.22 to $0.08

But it was @ $.03usd only a few days before Elon Musk removed BTC as a source of payment for Tesla. 

So for most who already had their TRUMP coins before the "Elon induced Crypto sell frenzy", it was a quick rise and fall in value so they are still

HODLing  in the positive.

The popularity grows stronger daily within Trump based social networks that invest in Crypto, And some groups are starting to rallying to invest in this "beautiful" coin as they realize the market will bounce back.

  I only found it available for trade in the US on the SouthExchange BTC paired



Main Page:


Stake or "Master Patriot Node"

So a politically branded crypto? Patriot nodes?

What do you think?


Hey, look at DOGE...


It has been Re-Branded..





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SciFi, WiFi, and DeFi.... Oh my..


How so many still do not understand that crypto IS money..

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