Chasing Light by The Turtle Project

Chasing Light by The Turtle Project

By turtle | The Turtle Project | 22 Dec 2019


This is the title track from the EP "Chasing Light"

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I used to consider myself a bit of a creature of the night
The darkness seemed a safer place to hide away
I avoided the dawn for years, even though I knew it wasn’t right
It’s hard to let go of the comfort of familiar pain

I’m chasing, I’m chasing the light
I’m chasing, I’m facing the light

It’s time to step out of the shade and let the sun stroke my face
I’m not sure if I’m ready but I’m holding on to this bravery
I’m wanting to fold but I’m managing to stand upright
I’m not giving in to the calls and advances from the moon tonight

I’m chasing, I’m chasing the light
I’m chasing, I’m facing the light
I’m chasing, I’m chasing the light
I’m chasing, embracing the light

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More about The Turtle Project

`The Turtle Project` started out as exactly that, a project, a songwriting project that was born from years of being a musician in many bands, doing countless gigs, naturally gathering experience and inspiration until, one day, I stumbled upon the fact that I could actually put those experiences and many others into words. The composing aspect grew from that into what it is today ...

My way of life .

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I am a solo musician, singer/songwriter

The Turtle Project
The Turtle Project


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