Untested Vaccine Consultation - Urgent

Covid Vaccine Consultation - Urgent

Covid Vaccine Consultation - Urgent

You have just ten days to provide your feedback to the roll out of mass  vaccination by for-profit companies, assisted by the army with machine guns. The decision was apparently made long ago, and we try to highlight critical points in the document, which you are strongly advised to read carefully, as it affects your future and that of the next generation. Perhaps you are in full agreement with everything as proposed by the undisclosed author, or like the Scambuster team, you are in disbelief. https://www.gov.uk/government/consult...  

Key maxims of law is discussed, as these unlawful actions were never consented to by the public, and generous use is made of "statutes" and "act" which are clearly against the basis of lawfulness. An independent review has found that the prosecutions under new Coronavirus Act unlawful, https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk...  

And yet millions comply with the poorly thought out "guidelines" out of sheer threats, bullying and intimidation, with the real faces behind the tyrannical measures killing more people than the WuFlu. Join the movement against Government sponsored scams are plaguing the UK and many countries globally. From Illegal Evictions, Bankruptcies and Covid-19 Legal Abuse.. 

The Ofcom "Regulated" Media wont report on this simple and profound issue, and social media such as Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and Google unfairly and unlawfully act as judge and jury to ban any material which questions certain government sponsored truths. #survivor2020 

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Award Winning Accountant and Financial Adviser running Church Hill Finance. Enjoy Crypto Adoption and runs Charitable Campaign against Illegal Homelessness @ www.ScamBuster.TV

The Truth About Wealth - Blockchain Law
The Truth About Wealth - Blockchain Law

Award winning Accountant and Financial Adviser of Church Hill Finance, addresses the issue of irregularities in Government controlled processes, finances and legal systems. And explores solutions in the existing system, and explores the pathway to transparency, accountability and honesty. Supports charitable cause of Illegal Homelessness @ www.ScamBuster.TV

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