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Arrano network is a community that is a powerful, simple, friendly, decentralized exchange. The three reasons presented for joining the Arrano network other than the 100 Ano joining bonus + more than 10 000 ANOs that can be earned in rewards -

-High validation and low costs.

-High liquidity and volume.

-Include P2P fiat exchange.

100 ANO

Whats more is that right now the beta version of ANO token protocol is live. Mainnet Exchange will be introduced very shortly after the distribution of which 49% of the ANO tokens will be distributed for rewards, media exposures, developers and introducers. This is all obviously a market injection strategy, most likely that towards the time of distribution there will be other campaigns to get users more involved with the platform.

They have a whole beautiful layout explaining how the arrano project makes it clear "DeFi for all" further more, The Internal developments are setup and the Multi-Signature wallet is ready to transfer the power to public, DAO Platform. The Arrano Swap - Decentralized Exchange has successfully completed the end-testing. The Mainnet wallet for ANO has been delivered and the token will go to other swaps anytime now.

Most of this information is from the website and from personal deduction. If I misquote something please do comment so I can correct it.



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