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Stormgain is gaining so much popularity around the Cryptoworld. This is mostly because of their free cloud miner, slow but really recommendable in comparison to some other miners with one exception,you need to refresh or start the miner every four hours. At most in a day you make about a dollar but if you got more than one device then you do the math. There is so much more to the stormgain platform so here is the link for you to go exploring

 Here is a screenshot of the cloud miner, if anyone thinks it makes too little, please comment the alternatives 😁😅🤑 there was bityard

alsohaving a cloud mining platform but not freely available for withdrawals. The value of the mines assets is converted to USDT, that can then be used as trading fees. Which is alright for a trading company to give you a chance to take your fees from them. Plus a good review earns you a chance into the $800 draw.

Proxmine was part of the list, turned out to be a scam. Removed!

 Another $King Swap contest where you just fill in your email then you pack up some basic points by social media tasks. Too simple, in less than 10 days you get your share of $King.


There's more than a million in prices to be won on

use this code 34307686


The catch here is that although sign up and verification is easy, you need to be a good trader or refer 5 people, you can guess which one I am. Lol

Plus it's a good wallet to store $AMPLE and BCH amongst other coins. It's quite easy to use.

3239e540ee75a3f753883a015a2548143e522a78f87e50072a9c51285af6fd9e.png reduce your carbon footprint by aging CO2 cards, use this code k8s5rykr plug you get paid. In crypto.









Supreme love and light


Current constellation positions


Waning Cresent in Libra ♎

Mercury in Sagittarius

Venus in Scorpio

Neptune in Pisces

Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn in Capricorn

Mars in Aries ♈

Uranus in Taurus


Bless up!


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